11 Jul Day 6 #Summer115

Day 6 #Summer115
57 photos from Day 6 of our 115th Summer
S4G: Orange+Blue Competition
Please Note: Due to Susquehannock Dew (inclement weather), we were unable to take any photos of S4B activities on Day 6. Check back tomorrow for an entire album of Hill Camp action

09 Jul Day 4 #Summer115

Day 4 #Summer115
72 photos from Day 4 of our 115th Summer
S4G: Orange+Blue Draft + Dodgeball
S4B: Orange+Blue Competition

08 Jul Day 3 #Summer115

Day 3 #Summer115
180 photos from Day 3 of our 115th Summer
S4B: Susquehannock Combine + Team Cheer Competition
S4G: Whirled Games

07 Jul Day 2 #Summer115

Day 2 #Summer115
198 photos from Day 2 of our 115th Summer
S4G: Whirled Games + Team Cheer Competition
S4B: Susquehannock Combine

14 May 2020 Trick Shot Contest Compilation

The top trick shot submissions from our annual contest – vote for your favorite by emailing trickshot@susquehannock.com