31 Jul Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball Official Rules

Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball
(a Garner Kaiser/John Lloyd Creation)

Official Rules

-4 Soccer balls: Soccer rules apply, 1 point each, scored in Soccer net
-2 “Playground” balls:  Ultimate Frisbee rules apply, 5 points each, scored by striking Goalie
-2 Gator Skin balls:  Soccer rules apply, 2 points each, scored in Soccer net
-1 Football:  Angleball rules apply, 3 or 6 points each, scored on Angleball cone or in Soccer net
-1 Tennis ball:  Soccer rules apply, 10 points each, scored in Soccer net

-2 Goalies per net, no Junior campers or counselors, 1 girl and 1 boy
-No one is allowed in the crease other than Goalies
-Goalies may not stand directly in front of Angleball cone
-After goal is scored, the defense takes control of the ball

The Field:

31 Jul The “Club” – A Very Green Option

Camp Susquehannock is proud to use “flushless” toilets in both Boys and Girls Camps.  As environmental awareness continues to grow, we researched the benefits of flushless versus standard toilets.

Club Water Saving Facts

-The average amount of water used in one flush is 3.5 gallons, which includes drinking water.

-If we all were to use the Club and “Ticket Offices” (urinals) four times a day for the 70 days of Camp we would use 156,800 gallons of water.
-Ten gallons of water are needed to clean a Porto-potty and 20 gallons of sanitizing liquid added to the tank. They are also filled after every 100 uses. We have six units at Camp for the 160 people living here;
if we used just them at an average of four uses per person every day they would get 640 uses a day: we would have to change them all at least once daily.  Changing the units daily for the seventy days of the summer it would require 12,600 gallons of water.
-The Club is entirely flushless and the Ticket Offices are rarely flushed. Despite the usage, it requires about 1,000 to 1,500 gallons of water to pump out the Clubs each year.
-The camp recycles “gray water” (waste water from the showers) taken from a holding tank below the Girls’ shower room to empty the Clubs, not drinking water.
Conclusion: Camp’s facilities save anywhere from 10,000 to 155,000 gallons of water a summer!
Thanks to Blake Shafer and Mima Wellington for these useful facts!

27 Jul 2010 First Session Recap

Here’s a massive slideshow chronicling the better half of the last week of our First Session.  Highlights include:  a visit to Chocolates by Leopold, the creation of Birdhouses, Orange and Blue Awards and Banquets, the opening of the Art Gallery, the Horse Show, a trip to a Binghamton Mets baseball game, Regattas and Skit Night.

27 Jul New Canoe Trip Video

The long-lost third video from the 2010 First Session Canoe Trip trilogy is now available here in the original post.

This thrilling video chronicles Ben and Paul paddling through the raging rapids of Mongaup on the Delaware River.

26 Jul Alumni Weekend a Wonderful Success

Over one hundred Susquehannock Alumni celebrated the 105th anniversary of the founding of Camp during the weekend of July 23-25, 2010.   Many generations were represented, both young and old enjoyed sleeping in cabins, eating meals in the Dining Hall and swimming in Tripp Lake.

Counselors offered opportunities to climb the Tower, take a mountain bike ride, go Birding and play a number of sports.

Directors Cannie and Win Shafer also unveiled a new collection of Adirondack Chairs that have been donated in honor of many alumni, staff and friends of Susquehannock.

23 Jul First Session Results and Awards

Both Camps held their award ceremonies, Orange and Blue dinners and traditional last evening events on Thursday.

The Blue team defeated Orange 127100 in the S4B Orange and Blue competition.
The Orange team defeated Blue 3426 in the S4G Orange and Blue competition.

Grace McNeeley of S4G was the recipient of the Spirit Award and Abby Skidmore received the Sportsmanship Award.

In S4B, Craig Williams was presented the Sportsmanship Award, with W. Brush Kirby and Andrew Frederik receiving Honorable Mentions.  Craig and Brush also received Award Shirts for domination in three or more sports.

Congratulations to all award winners, head coaches, coaches, players and officials for a wonderful First Session Orange and Blue competition.

22 Jul Clarification

In post from July 19, the Super Mongo Goofy Relays were mistakenly attributed to Dave Reeve solely.  In doing some research, we found out that Andrew Hano and Eric Rozen were also involved in the creation of the event.  Our humblest apologies to Andrew and Eric.

Photos from the exciting conclusion of First Session will be up very soon, so check back soon.

19 Jul Super Mongo Goofy Relays

Camp legend Dave Reeve created the Super Mongo Goofy Relays years ago and it has continued to be one of the most popular special events at Camp.  Teams rotate through stations, completing various tasks from setting a dining hall table, to kicking and catching three balls at a certain distance, to singing a song while the entire team stands upon a single milk crate.

Also included in the above gallery are some photos from Saturday evenings co-ed activity, where all costumes had to be related to the letter P.