12 Aug Second Session Results and Awards

We wrapped up a truly amazing summer with Award Ceremonies, Orange and Blue Chicken Feeds, a Campfire and Candle Float.

The Blue team defeated Orange 240220 in the S4G Orange and Blue competition.
The Orange team defeated Blue 125115 in the S4B Orange and Blue competition.

Lanelle Rice-Quzack of S4G was the recipient of the Spirit Award and Beth Lewis received the Sportsmanship Award.

In S4B, Craig Williams was presented the Sportsmanship Award for the third consecutive session, with Brandon Shafer and Grant Bianchi receiving Honorable Mentions. Craig, Joe Reitano and Sam “Scooter” Loew received Award Shirts for domination in three or more sports.

Thanks to the Orange and Blue Coaches, Officials and competitors for an outstanding Second Session and summer.

11 Aug Second Session Photo Gallery

A Second Session photo gallery is now available HERE, chronicling recent events at Tripp Lake.  Some photos were included in previous posts, but hey, the world isn’t a perfect place (except Camp, of course!).

09 Aug Olympics at S4G

On Saturday, August 7th, the Girls camp hosted our annual Second Session Olympics.  Co-ed teams are organized into different countries and compete in various activities and relays.

06 Aug Soap Day – A Musical Montage

Soap Days are heralded by the soothing sounds of The 19-O-Jive, an ad hoc musical ensemble that parodies the “hits” of today at S4B Morning Meeting.  Check out a few of their popular favorites:

03 Aug Don’t Stop Believin’

The Susquehannock Acapella group performs Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”  Arrangement by Sky Jarrett and video by John Lloyd.

03 Aug Welcome Back, Jamie Zimron!

We are extremely fortunate to welcome back Jamie Zimron to Susquehannock.  Jamie is an accomplished LPGA pro, Fifth Degree Black Belt in Aikido, sports psychologist and noted peace activist.  She utilized her diverse talents by offering Golf, Power Yoga and Aikido clinics to both Camps.

02 Aug Second Session First Week Highlights

Contained in the slideshow: Opening Day, pick-up games, first night meeting, Counselor Skits and Dodgeball, World Games, Team Cheer Competition, the beginning of clinics and Orange and Blue competition, Climbing Tower, a trip to Creek Bend for miniature golf, cabin skits and a Disney-themed co-ed activity.

31 Jul Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball Official Rules

Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball
(a Garner Kaiser/John Lloyd Creation)

Official Rules

-4 Soccer balls: Soccer rules apply, 1 point each, scored in Soccer net
-2 “Playground” balls:  Ultimate Frisbee rules apply, 5 points each, scored by striking Goalie
-2 Gator Skin balls:  Soccer rules apply, 2 points each, scored in Soccer net
-1 Football:  Angleball rules apply, 3 or 6 points each, scored on Angleball cone or in Soccer net
-1 Tennis ball:  Soccer rules apply, 10 points each, scored in Soccer net

-2 Goalies per net, no Junior campers or counselors, 1 girl and 1 boy
-No one is allowed in the crease other than Goalies
-Goalies may not stand directly in front of Angleball cone
-After goal is scored, the defense takes control of the ball

The Field: