23 Jul A Look Back to Work Week

We’ve come a long way in four weeks, but during the calm of Midseason let’s look back to the day the first counselors arrived:

22 Jul First Session Canoe Trip

Intrepid photographer and Delaware River video specialist Paul Moeller made a name for himself on this webpage for his collection of photos and videos collected during various canoe trips (last year’s posts are available here and here).

The summer of 2011 will be no exception, as here is the first installment of Paul’s photos and videos:

21 Jul First Session Results and Awards

The Camps wrapped up a momentous First Session with Award Ceremonies, Orange and Blue Chicken Feeds, a Campfire and Candle Float.

The Blue team defeated Orange 9469 in the S4B Orange and Blue competition.
The Blue team defeated Orange 2016 in the S4G Orange and Blue competition.

Andrew Frederick of the Palace was presented with the Sportsmanship Award for First Session, with David Barr (The Annex) and Bryan Shultz (Palace) receiving Honorable Mentions.  Jace Cubberley-Thomas (The Annex), Matt Friedman (Lodge) and Fletcher Kirby (Lodge) received Award Shirts for domination in three or more sports.

At S4G, Grace McNeely (Aspir Inn) was presented with the Spirit Award and Elizabeth Stone (Mount Inn) won the Sportsmanship Award.

The Sportsmanship Award is the highest award bestowed at Camp Susquehannock. Congratulations to all our winners!

21 Jul Special S4G Slideshow

Here we see more clinics in action an overnight for the older girls and a great shot of a boat (!).

20 Jul The Jim Steen Memorial Regatta

As part of the S4B Olympic competition, all teams participate in the Jim Steen Memorial Regatta at Tripp Lake.  Teams cycle through six stations,  ranging from the Canoe Pass Relay to Dive Tennis Ball Catch.  Given the amazing weather we’ve enjoyed at Camp this summer, an afternoon at the Lake was a welcome change!

19 Jul 19-0-Jive – Soap On Me

Back by popular demand (?) , another Soap Day ditty from S4B:

18 Jul Third Week S4G Reflections

Head of Girls Camp Trish Pearson offers up perspective after the third week at S4G:

It is hard to believe that we have completed the third week for the first session of Camp. As we continued teaching and learning skills this week we were fortunate enough to have a lacrosse expert join us for clinics on Wednesday. Kim Richter, a former lacrosse player for Tufts University and a lacrosse coach in Philadelphia, led special lacrosse skills clinics for all the S4G campers. The campers and counselors enjoyed learning from such an experienced teacher and utilized their new knowledge and skills in the lacrosse game for Orange and Blue in the afternoon. Thanks, Kim, for being a part of S4G’s 25th anniversary!

This action-packed week also included an optional overnight at The Pines campsite. Participation in this overnight was overwhelming and the optional overnight continues to be a highlight for the campers and counselors alike. The girls enjoyed special Optional Overnight Banana Boats after hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. The counselors also made pancakes for breakfast before everyone returned to camp for a morning dip in the lake to clean up.

This week we had our Gold Medal Competitions. The events include the Decathlon, Regatta and Gold Medal Tennis matches. Campers took advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in these events. Even in the midst of their competition, however, the girls cheered their friends and competitors in the tradition of Camp Susquehannock. The other big camp competition that took place on Sunday was the Horse Show. Campers from S4G and S4B showed off all the hard work they had done to learn while many other campers came to watch and cheer. We are so happy to have had these opportunities this week to give the campers the chance to learn how to compete with grace and display their sportsmanship in these competitions. The awards ceremony will take place in the final week of First Session and medals, ribbons and awards will be given.

There are so many other things that happened this week, the campers went to a Binghamton Mets baseball game, the S4B and S4G campers joined together in a brand new full camp Orange and Blue game, the older campers went on the Canoe Trip down the Delaware River, and even more! Be sure to check out the photo galleries to see even more of the fun that makes time fly at Camp Susquehannock.

18 Jul Third Week S4B Reflections

Head of Boys Camp Andrew Hano offers up perspective after the third week at S4B:

My family is a Susquehannock family, almost. During four of my 25 summers spent at Camp my two children have been here as well. My wife Erica is unable to spend the entire summer here because of her job. During the year she often gets lost at dinner conversations about Camp because we have a particular language all our own. How many of the following can you identify? Feel free to add to the list by commenting on this post or on Facebook, or on Twitter.

The Club and The T.O.
Bs and Cs
Bug Juice
Chicken Feed
Steak feed
MC Fireball
Gigantus Ball
Super Mongo Goofy Relays
Razzle Dazzle
“You Gotta” Regatta
King’s Cup
Susquehannock Dew
The White House
Soap Day
Energy Check!
Buddy Check
Words of Wisdom
The Circuit
The Shafer Arena
(The Importance of) Sundays and Wednesdays
Cinema Susquehannock
the Study Hall Ghost
Hitching Post
Serengeti Plains
Sha La La
Lucky, Lucky
Loyal Guard

17 Jul S4Serengeti Plains

As mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, both Camps gathered for a special Saturday activity called Serengeti Plains.  Boys Camp counselor Seth Brownold was introduced to this game and brought it to Susquehannock for its inaugural playing this summer.

Co-ed teams called herds travel to various stations spread throughout the Boys camp, participating in these Challenge Course-style events.  Herds get points for successfully completing each activity.  Teams may complete a station two times, but not consecutively

Each member of the herd has a “tail” ticked into the back of their shorts that count for one point.  Three points are awarded for a completed station, five points for completing said station a second time.

There are also three predators roaming the plain.  Each predator has a territory that they will stay in.  If a team crosses into that territory on their way to an event, the predator will call a Predator Attack and will try to take the herd’s tails.  Team members can still participate if they have lost their tail, but if every member of the team loses their tail the herd becomes extinct.

Herds can also win tails back by visiting with the Sage once who will ask Camp trivia questions.  Teams may also win back tails by catching the Poacher who will also be roaming the plain.

The Stations:
-The Es-Cape of Good Rope
-Tripoli Mile Island
-Caterpillar Crawl
-Crossing the Sahar-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
-Molten Snows of Kilimanjaro
-Ghana Scores a Sene-goal

Get all that?

16 Jul Third Week Highlights

The incredible weather continued at Tripp Lake as both Camps enjoyed another amazing week!  The boys of S4B came down the hill for a special Capture the Flag Orange and Blue contest, won by the boys and girls of the Blue team.  We were also happy to welcome Kim Richter, Oliver Babcock and Mark Moeller, who offered special clinics in Lacrosse and Military Fitness, respectively.  Junior campers from both camps traveled into nearby Montrose to visit Chocolates by Leopold and even got some free samples!  The week ended with Decathlons and Gold Medal Regattas in both Camps.

There’s no time to rest because the end of First Session is rapidly approaching!