19 Jun Work Week Wrap – Day 6

Whew!! The group got a lot done today and Camp is really starting to take shape. Fence posts holes for S4G tennis courts were completed; mowing occurred around S4B Tennis courts, Volleyball and Street Hockey courts were prepared; Volleyball, Gaga, Tetherball were weeded; Folly and Basketball courts done. The Waterfront is about 90% done – just needs lane lines and boats. There are still some leaves and other miscellaneous debris to collect. We will now transition to some beautification tasks like of weed-eating to be done around some buildings.

Our two new counselors from Great Britain are adjusting to Camp very well (ie. they haven’t gotten sunburned yet) and are among a group of counselors taking a lifeguarding course led by our very own Bethany Feinberg.


Who knows what challenges will bring us tomorrow – dare we say that we’ll begin to prepare cabins?

18 Jun Work Week Wrap – Day 5

Tuesday was another beautiful day that allowed for much more progress on the various projects around campus. The Waterfront is almost ready to go except for bringing out boats; the playing fields are getting mowed in preparation for lining; the periphery is getting weed-eated; grass is being removed from both beach Volleyball courts and inside fencing of the Tennis courts.
Speaking of the Tennis courts, We have started to dig two 3.5 foot fence posts by hand; a grueling job but alum Pete McNeely is leading the charge on this project.
As the sun is setting or rising, I am always amazed to actually see how much progress we make to prepare Camp for another amazing summer and another generation of campers…
Visual inspection of the hole

Visual inspection of the hole

17 Jun Work Week Wrap – Day 4

Another awesome day in the books! Our work force has increased by the addition of several Grizzled Veterans who arrived today, but unfortunately we lose Chris Wierzbowski and Kendyl Paolini on Tuesday. No job was too big or too small for these two as they generously took time off from the outside world to come home and volunteer.
Time was spent working on the Garden and various flower beds around campus, the hay is off ALL of the courts, debris piles were raked and cleared away, mowing and weed-eating has begun in earnest (and will continue for awhile!). With the arrival of Eric Rozen we will begin to putting in the turnboards and finishing up at the Waterfront. And, other than a brief bout of Susquehannock Dew after dinner, the weather appears to be cooperating…
This group of volunteers and staff members has been amazing and has exceeded expectations at every turn. We took a break from the To Do List to enjoy the American victory over Ghana in the World Cup after dinner.
But until then: let the work continue!

16 Jun Work Week Wrap – Day 3

As a public service, Tony Meyers is providing a daily recap of the on-going preparation of the Camp facilities during Work Week. 

Another day in the books! Just a smidgen of hay to remove from The Folly clay court in S4G. John Lloyd led a great group down at the Waterfront that assembled the Float. The turnboards are up next.


It was also a tremendous day in that we began to pick up leaves …and more leaves …and more leaves. After an extremely long winter they just are everywhere!


Mowers were out and weed-eaters were going in S4G and at the Riding Stables. We were able to tame about 95% of the high grass. The forecast for Monday looks wonderful so hopefully things will start to look just like another day at Camp!

15 Jun Work Week – Day 2 Recap

Work Week 02As a public service, Tony “The Man With No Eyes” Meyers is providing a daily recap of the on-going preparation of the Camp facilities during Work Week. 

Interestingly enough, even with the heavy amount of Susquehannock Dew, King’s Court and Court 4 have now been cleared of hay by the rock stars of Work Week. The Riding Stables were weed-eated, multiple piles of debris were cleared and many other miscellaneous projects completed.

Work Week 02b

We should be having better weather through Tuesday so many more outdoor jobs will get done: mowing, more mowing and even more mowing. The Waterfront will start to take shape this afternoon in preparation of the arrival of Grizzled Veteran Eric Rozen to assemble the turnboards …it might even be a Soap Day!

This group of S4G, S4B staff and alumni have been awesome so far taking the most tedious or difficult jobs and making them go smoothly like ice cream on a Sunday afternoon!

14 Jun Work Week – Day 1 Recap

Next Stop: "King's Court"

Next Stop: “King’s Court”

As a public service, Tony “The Man With No Eyes” Meyers is providing a daily recap of the on-going preparation of the Camp facilities during Work Week. 

Friday was the first day of Work Week and we were greeted with a heavy dose of Susquehannock Dew. It is great to see all the alumni volunteers (Chris Wierzbowski, Allie Handman, Kendyl Paolini Mark Moeller, Patrick Valentine and more arriving) take time off from their jobs in order to help out at Camp. Work Week is a great chance for the intermingling of new staff members with the Loyal Guard as the team for the summer forms.

While dodging the drops, the Dining Hall and several staff cottages were cleaned from top to bottom. On the agenda for today: we will begin removing hay from the clay Tennis courts, raking leaves, putting brush into piles, weed-eating and so much more.

I think I hear First Bell for breakfast – until tomorrow!

02 Dec January 12, 2014 – Winter Reunion (SE PA)

2014 Winter Reunion

Kick off the new year with your Camp friends at the Winter Reunion! The afternoon of fun begins at 1:00 pm at Minella’s Diner (320 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087-3992) where we will meet for a (not so) Spontaneous Susquehannock Lunch and then we’ll continue down the road to Devon Lanes (300 Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA 19333) for bowling at 3:00 pm.

Though billed as a “reunion,” this is also a wonderful opportunity for new families to meet current campers and our Staff while hearing first hand how Summer Lasts A Lifetime! Feel free to invite any interested families you have – we will have our information packet available to take home.

Please RSVP by emailing josho@susquehannock.com if you’re planning to attend lunch, bowling or both!


18 Sep October 27, 2013: Autumn Reunion

After a number of years hosted by the Kents in Ardmore, the Autumn Reunion was moved to the beautiful grounds Springside Chestnut Hill Academyin Philadelphia.

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We will be announcing details regarding our Winter Reunions in Philly, New York City and metro DC very soon!

28 Aug Organic Garden Time Lapse

We photographed the Organic Garden at the same time of day during the entire summer.

19 Aug 2013 Counselor Skit Night

One of the biggest highlights of the summer is Counselor Skit Night during Second Session. Over the last few years, the staff has augmented the traditional live action skits with pre-recorded videos that highlight life at Camp on an entirely different level.

Live Action Skits

I. S4Improv

II. Real Men of Genius

III. Epic Rap Battles of Susquehannock

Click the links to watch the videos on our YouTube Page

I. S4G Opening Credits

II. Things Nobody Says at Camp: The Movie

III. This summer we were joined live via Skype by Erik Harvey, a former S4B staff member who is known far and wide for his patented knee-slappers. Video HERE

IV. Camp Susquehannock Parkour Academy

V. Grapes

VI. Camp Cops