01 Sep 2012 Application Now Available

Download and print out the 2012 Camper Application HERE

Remember to lock in Early Bird PLUS rates (a 10% percent savings) with a $1,000 deposit before October 31st.

Please note: We are now offering two 3.5 weeks sessions. We no longer have a 4 weeks and a 3 week session

Session Dates Age Early Bird Plus Early Bird Regular Rate
1st (3.5 wk) 6/24-7/17 7-11 $3,405 $3,590 $3,780
12+ $3,585 $3,785 $3,980
2nd (3.5 wk) 7/19-8/11 7-11 $3,405 $3,590 $3,780
12+ $3,585 $3,785 $3,980
Full (7 wk) 6/24-8/11 7-11 $5,895 $6,225 $6,550
12+ $6,075 $6,415 $6,750
Intro Session 1 6/24-7/08 7-11 $2,600 $2,600 $2,600
Intro Session 2 7/19-8/02 7-11 $2,600 $2,600 $2,600

11 Aug Second Session Results and Awards

Both Camps finished the summer of 2011 Second Session on a tremendous high, enjoying the Orange and Blue Chicken Feeds, Awards Ceremony, a Campfire at S4B and the Candle Float at S4G.

The Orange team defeated Blue at Susquehannock for Girls.
The Blue team defeated Orange at Susquehannock for Boys.

Jenna Weyant was presented with the Spirit Award and Ciara Pettinos received the Sportsmanship Award, the highest award presented at Susquehannock.

On the boys side, Jack Simonds (The Lodge) was presented with the Sportsmanship Award for Second Session, with Will Bentley (The Lodge) and Brandon Shafer (Annex) receiving Honorable Mentions.  Larry Pear (Tumble Inn), Matthew Friedman (The Lodge), Jack Simonds (The Lodge), Jace Cubberley-Thomas (The Annex) and Grant Bianchi (The Annex) all received Award Shirts for domination in three or more sports.

Congratulations to all our winners!

10 Aug Loyal Guard Chicken Feed Cheers

The Loyal Guard gives a locomotive cheer with glow sticks at the end of the Second Session Loyal Guard Chicken Feed.

07 Aug A Variety of Events at S4G

This slideshow contains the highlights of a very exciting week at S4G, including a glimpse into Riding clinics, the Climbing Tower and Zipline, the always-popular Tie Dying clinics, Orange and Blue Competition and also the Second Session S4G Decathlon.

06 Aug Even More Second Session Fun!

This slideshow contains highlights from the S4B Regatta, Orange and Blue Spirit Games and a Flyers Lacrosse game.

04 Aug Second Session Canoe Trip

Intrepid photographer, baseball cap enthusiast and Delaware River video specialist Paul Moeller made a name for himself on this webpage for his collection of photos and videos collected during various canoe trips (First Session’s recap is available here)

The summer of 2011 will be no exception, as here is the second installment of Paul’s photos and videos:

02 Aug Labor Day Weekend Reunion at Camp Announced

Enjoy an end of the summer weekend at Tripp Lake:  September 2-5, 2011.

Guests may stay in cabins, pitch tents, bring a motorhome or find a local hotel. Entrance fees will include dinner on Saturday and Sunday evening.

The Lake (including boats), tennis courts and other facilities will be available.

Contributions of $20/person for the weekend are greatly appreciated. Children under 6 years old are free!

Important: please RSVP by Sunday, August 28th.  Anyone related to Camp is welcome.

Check out the Facebook Event page for more information and to RSVP.  Hope to see you there!

01 Aug First Week of Second Session S4G Reflections

The opening week of Second Session is a special time for all of us on the S4G staff. Second session campers began arriving early Sunday morning while the full-season campers returned back from a fun weekend at Lake Ontario. We got off and running with two days of World Games, announced our Orange and Blue teams and began those games. At camp the weeks seem to fly by and before we knew it, the weekend was upon us.

Saturday was our celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Susquehannock Camp for Girls, so we started with a special Morning Meeting. We are so grateful to our guests, Dede and George Shafer, Mary and Jim Powell and Cannie Shafer. As many of you know, Dede and George Shafer ran the girls camp for many years, so it was a special treat to hear them talk about all the planning and work that went into the creation and running of a new camp. Mary and Jim Powell told us stories, punctuated with songs. They taught us songs that we had not been singing for the past few years; if you have never experienced Mary and Jim leading songs at camp, you have missed out! Cannie Shafer, who was the original Program Director at S4G, told us more stories and really helped us understand our part in the history of the girls camp.

Usually I try to write a recap of the events of the week, but this week, I had some difficulty. S4G had their Once-In-Every-25-Year Dog Show and it was so funny, sweet and above all else, fun! Campers and counselors were assigned dog breeds and competed against the other breeds in several events. This is an activitiy that definitely needs to be experienced to be understood! The stand-out moment of the show was when the judges commanded the dogs to play dead. The Dalmations, Golden Retrievers and Poodles all followed the commands, but the St. Bernards followed their instincts and ran to the other breeds to perform CPR. If this does not sound funny or even fun, it must be because you weren’t with us on Saturday. Please click over to the galleries and look at the creative and funny photographs from the Dog Show.

All of the games and activities on the weekly schedule provide the framework for a healthy, fun summer, but it is our strong friendships that we make here that touch us forever. It is the people who support us, laugh with us, cry with us as we go through our days here that keep us coming back. I hear the campers talk about this all the time and I see it every day here at camp. The singing, the laughter, the joy and the tears. The games, the clinics, the meals, the competition.

All of these things are the parts of camp, but the sum is truly greater than the parts. I see the difference that camp makes in the lives of all of us and I hope that you recognize it as your daughters, sisters, and friends return home in a couple of short weeks from now.

01 Aug First Week S4G Highlights

This gallery includes photos from Second Session’s first week clinics, games, Team Cheer competition and Cabin Skits: