10 Oct

HBD @pete.mcneely! Here’s Pete’s cabin photo from 2nd Half #S4B2015 in Tumble Inn

#pete90x #forever

09 Oct

Happy Birthday to #S4B2015’s John Lloyd! John is the creative force behind many of our iconic videos made for Counselor Skit Night, so today’s #FilmFriday is Director’s Choice – check out the classic flick John selected for this week…

08 Oct

#tbt to #S4B2015 1st Half with Brandon, Tim and Carter

07 Oct

“When you get to the top of the tower, it is a great feeling. It may have been scary going up, but you feel sooooo great when you get to the top!”
-Dara R.


05 Oct

Reason 3,478 it’s #betteratcamp: There are very few places where you can play a hole or 2 of #frolf while walking to the restroom

04 Oct

Sunday #Shoutout to #TeamS4G’s @moirafay3 for being named to the Academic Honor Squad as a first-team selection to the All-Centennial Conference and All-Regions team!

Moira is a senior at @dickinsoncollege and captain of the #dickinsonWlax team

03 Oct

📣📝📯 #CampSus2016 sign-ups remain tied ↔

#S4B2016 = 5
#S4G2016 = 5

01 Oct

#tbt to #S4G2015 1st Half Peek Inn with @cst3wart @g_khanae and Sarah

28 Sep

A very Happy Birthday to #S4G2015’s @bfein1021!

📷 @marymap22