22 Nov

Plenty of good seats still available for Sunday Chapel

#welcomehome 📷 by @jlloyd_89

21 Nov

The Palace’s #S4offseason makeover is now complete with a new roof

20 Nov

Pepper Box getting some re-shingling action by @theycallmepj


19 Nov

#tbt to #S4B2015 1st Half Seldom Inn with @roddrx and @ace_sd13

18 Nov

Not only will there be a new S4B Archery range in #CampSus2016, but it’s already got new poles ready to go

Bonus: A glimpse of the Lariat

16 Nov

@theycallmepj has been busy – this building with a new roof is going to be a major part of #S4G2016


15 Nov

All in a day’s work: new Post Office floor installed

PS. Looks like a few people didn’t check their mailboxes before going home #amateurhour

14 Nov

Susquehannock is one of the few places where it’s better to have F next to your name