22 Jun

Training Week Day 1: Tony Meyers and Harrison Williams illustrate the finer points of how to run a sports clinic


21 Jun

Sincere thanks to our incredible staff and the following volunteers for their hard work during Work Week…

Chic Elliott
Harrison Williams
Eric Rozen
Beau Pettinos
Matt Ciambriello

A final thank you to “The Man With No Eyes” Tony Meyers for his leadership and guidance over the course of the week!

21 Jun

Last day of #CampSus2015 Work Week…

#foto: @jlloyd_89

19 Jun

Only a few more days to go!

#S4B2015 #S4G2015

18 Jun

Mrs. Pigglesworth and the gang down at the Farm

#USacres #tbt
#foto: @jlloyd_89

17 Jun


(No, not really: we observe a strict catch-and-release policy on Tripp Lake)

17 Jun

This legendary group of Grizzled Veterans installed the turnboard in record time at #CampSus2015 Work Week

#foto: @jlloyd_89

16 Jun

If Tripp Lake is involved, it’s hard to classify this activity as “work.”

#CampSus2015 Work Week

15 Jun

First-ever Susquehannock Social Media Summit, brought to you by a rainy afternoon during #CampSus2015 Work Week