12 Jan

HBD to Tony Meyers, seen here leading a Soccer Clinic during #CampSus2015 Training Week with Harrison Williams

11 Jan

Main Office, view of Tripp Lake and King’s Monument on 1/7/16
#welcomehome 📷 @jlloyd_89

10 Jan

#TeamS4G flag pole, Lodge and Aspir Inn on 1/7/16 #welcomehome
📷 @jlloyd_89

09 Jan

Tumble Inn and Senior Baseball Field on 1/7/16
#welcomehome (plate)

📷 @jlloyd_89

08 Jan

Tripp Lake on 1/7/16 #welcomehome

📷 @jlloyd_89

07 Jan

#CampSus2015 2nd Half Razz Inn with @rangerhadley @e_st0nia @mtrichka4

06 Jan

Climbing Tower at sunset on 1/6/15 #welcomehome

📷 @jlloyd_89

05 Jan

#thinksummer #brr 💨❄🌫

04 Jan

Outtakes from the holiday greetings photoshoot – thx to @theycallmepj for stringing all the lights!

01 Jan

Happy New Year!
#CampSus2016 🎉🎆