25 Jan

Shafer Arena, the Post Office and ex-Art Barn

📷 @jlloyd_89

24 Jan

Let everyone know what you’ve been up to since leaving Camp in the next issue of Camp’s annual newsletter!

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Name/First Year at Camp:
Since Camp ended, I have…
Best Memory from Camp Last Summer (current campers) / Favorite Camp Memory (former campers):

23 Jan

The Palace, Main Office and Palestra

📷 @jlloyd_89 #hawkeye

23 Jan

#CampSus#2016 registration: http://ow.ly/XqWfo

22 Jan

Lands End, roof of Tumble Inn and @jlloyd_89’s new buddy Ol’ Stumpy
#welcomehome #hawkeye

21 Jan

#CampSus2015 2nd Half Razz Inn with Alex & @ch3vr0nt4ng

21 Jan

HBD to #TeamS4G’s @nurseboles! 🎂🎉❄

20 Jan

#CampSus2016 winter tour continues tonight in Berwyn, PA! (at Conestoga High School)

19 Jan

@theycallmepj continues work on new #TeamS4G Art Barn and the re-shingling of Pepper Box #S4offseason #2placesatonce
📷 @jlloyd_89

18 Jan

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In addition to the Camper Parents group featured in the graphic, we are pleased to offer these other groups for Grizzled Veterans:
Alumni: text @csialumn to 81010
Alumni Challenge: text @alumnichal to 81010