23 Sep

Happy Autumn!

22 Sep

Hano, Drew and @pmoe525 had a spontaneous Susquehannock reunion at @summitschoolws in Winston-Salem, NC on Monday!

#S4B2015 #campreunion

16 Sep

A very HBD to #S4B2015’s Tim Duddy!

Cameo by @jforan77

10 Sep

#tbt to #S4B2015 1st Half Palais Royale with Tim, Michael and David

06 Sep

A very HBD to #S4G2015’s @izzy_bradford!

#foto: @ch3vr0nt4ng

05 Sep

Your Instagram photo could be Camp’s first-ever Snapchat logo!

Step 1: Adorn yourself with something that says Susquehannock
Step 2: Post a group photo or selfie on Instagram, tag @campsus1905
and #CampGear
Step 3: Follow campsus1905 on Snapchat

The photos with most Like as of midnight (Eastern) Monday will be entered to win a chance to be Camp’s avatar and more Camp gear!