02 Feb

📷 @jlloyd_89 #hawkeye

01 Feb

Did you guys catch @therealcarlospena on #greaselive last night?

31 Jan

*ALERT* #CampSus2016 list now officially at 4 columns 📢📣🎈🎆

30 Jan

#TeamS4G representing at @schacademy camp fair

#CampSus2016 Winter Tour (at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy)

29 Jan

The transformation from old Stables to new #TeamS4G Art Barn continues

📷 @theycallmepj

28 Jan

#CampSus2015 2nd Half Pepper Box with Brandon, @natepdana @charrington17

27 Jan

The Crossroads 🌛

📷 @rangerhadley #abuela

26 Jan

On the road to Camp near the Stables
📷 @rangerhadley #abuela

25 Jan

Shafer Arena, the Post Office and ex-Art Barn

📷 @jlloyd_89

24 Jan

Let everyone know what you’ve been up to since leaving Camp in the next issue of Camp’s annual newsletter!

Submissions: Tag @CampSus1905 on social media or cut/paste the next 3 lines into an email to tarryn@susquehannock.com before 2/29

Name/First Year at Camp:
Since Camp ended, I have…
Best Memory from Camp Last Summer (current campers) / Favorite Camp Memory (former campers):