06 May

Meet the new black angus calves that @theycallmepj has brought down to the Farm! #FarmFriday

#moo 🐮 (at Camp Susquehannock)

05 May

A treasure trove of tremendous #tbt photos courtesy of @jmeaf1
#analog #alliteration

03 May

#CampGear spotted internationally! @ch3vr0nt4ng in Vatican City

28 Apr

📢 Attention the Camp 📢
#tbt will not be seen this week because it’s gorgeous at Camp today! #welcomehome

📷 #hawkeye (at Camp Susquehannock)

26 Apr

Grizzled Veterans @pmoe525 Seth @unbenliebable @lucas.carmalt take to the slopes in Snowbird, UT ❄🐦

Bonus Points: Seth’s #campgear

25 Apr

View of the guest dock from the Waterfront, but it feels like something is missing…

📷 #hawkeye

24 Apr

A weekend of mowing and #debra collection as #S4offseason continues – only 47 days until Work Week #CampSus2016

📷 #abuela

22 Apr

Attention all Grizzled Veterans: Volunteers Needed (18+)
Be a part of the team that prepares Camp for another incredible summer – come up for a few days or spend the entire week! #welcomehome

Please contact Tarryn to receive the registration paperwork (tarryn AT susquehannock DOT com or toll-free 866-482-2677)

21 Apr

Your favorite cabin photo could be right here next #tbt – vote by commenting the year, half and cabin name

21 Apr

The #roaring20s were an exciting time, especially when taking Camp photos #tbt

📷 Jim Davidge