20 Feb

@theycallmepj shares a sneak peak of the new Woodshop

19 Feb

These tables were made using recycled wood taken from the Post Office floor
So… …how are *you* spending this weekend?

18 Feb

#CampSus2015 2nd Half Cab Inn with Emily, Jodi & @izzy_bradford

17 Feb

A side table and bed made from reclaimed wood taken from the Post Office floor and the blacksmith shop at the Farm – a project by Penny Eldred’s son Auston

16 Feb

A *slightly* less frigid finale to the #CampSus2016 Winter Classic on Laurel Lake
📷 @jlloyd_89 @shakirashaciara

15 Feb

Spontaneous #S4Reunion at the Charlotte airport w/ @jigsimonds & @izzy_bradford

14 Feb

#S4WinterClassic on Laurel Lake 🌬

13 Feb

Saturday Shout-out to Full Season campers!

12 Feb

🎢 into the weekend
#welcomehome #hawkeye

📷 @jlloyd_89

11 Feb

#CampSus2015 2nd Half Bunk Bunny with David & Matt (#rubixcube version) #tbt