19 Nov The Herbivores of Susquehannock

When the first ferns arrived in the Endless Mountains they lived in a total paradise, free from hunger, sickness and war. However, a new age was dawning. A great danger loomed in the horizon. A new foe, equipped to deal nothing but death to these peaceful, sun-loving shrubberies.

These new abominations were known by their ancient calling card: The Herbivores of Susquehannock

15 Nov Achievement Unlocked: #S4Books

The Inheritance

S4B alum Charles Finch’s novel THE INHERITANCE has made the USA Today Bestseller List!
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12 Nov

Today on Saturday Cinema Susquehannock: the “triumphant” return of Vic Donatello to Counselor Skit Night

Since we last saw Vic (hoping to never see him again) he returning to Camp this summer despite everyone insisting that he didn’t. Due to a case of the post-mixer blues, he has taken to the weight room, his only refuge.