10 Jun

Don’t have any plans for this or next weekend?
Come on up to Camp to help out at #CampSus2015 Work Week!

09 Jun

It’s time for today’s Evening Activity…
The geese will be playing soccer, but also probably just as likely milling about.


#foto: @jlloyd_89

08 Jun

Monday’s #WordsofWisdom


07 Jun

Photo and pre-Work Week weed-whacking courtesy of @jlloyd_89 and @pete.mcneely


07 Jun

Sunday’s #WordsofWisdom

06 Jun

Why hello there, Tripp Lake – you’re already in midseason form

#foto: @jlloyd_89

06 Jun

Saturday’s #WordsofWisdom


05 Jun

Just a few short weeks to go until Opening Day of our 110th Anniversary summer!

#S4B2015 #S4G2015

05 Jun Calling all Grizzled Veterans

Don’t your let your boss leave today without requesting some time off for Work Week – volunteers needed for June 12-21 which includes TWO weekends!