09 Jul More from First Session

The Orange and Blue competition in each Camp has really heated up during the first 10 days of First Session! This slideshow contains images from time well-spent at the Waterfront, World Games, Team Cheer Competition, Dodgeball, Team Clinics and Orange and Blue games in both S4G and S4B.

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02 Jul Fun During Week 1

The good weather and great times continued as each Camp started their respective programs after Opening Day. Ice-breaking activities and World Games dominated much of the first few days of the session and the USA World Cup match on Tuesday offered a nice break from the action.

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22 Jul First Week of Second Session

After an exciting Opening Day, both Camps spent the first few days of Second Session playing the World Games. In order to create balanced teams for the on-going Orange and Blue competition, campers are evaluated during these Games.

Creativity and sportsmanship were on full display during the World Games Team Cheer Competition at S4G. Up the hill, the boys began receiving expert instruction on the fields and courts during Team Clinics.

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27 Jun Highlights from the First Week

The First Week of First Session maintained the amazing momentum set during Opening Day. Children in both Camps were placed onto preliminary teams that played scrimmages, known as World Games, that served as an evaluation process to pick fair and balanced Orange and Blue teams. Competitive Orange and Blue teams at every level is integral to the Susquehannock experience, as we strive to foster a setting where every camper feels comfortable contributing to the team, regardless of their own skill level.

It is not uncommon for trades to be made by the coaching staff during the World Games, as we see the campers participate in the full scope of activities offered at Susquehannock. The campers are hardly aware that the evaluations are even taking place – they’re too busy having the time of their lives while playing with old and new friends!

As we continue to get to know one another and build our community, both Camps hold team cheer competitions emphasizing that sportsmanship and spirit are our guiding principles, above all else. These competitions often get silly, as seen in the above photos.

The staff members at both Camps are very pleased with the results of the World Games and are looking forward to a special Orange and Blue competition during First Session. Check back soon for more photos!

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