30 Mar

📣 #AC16 Update 📣
#TeamS4G has raced out a commanding lead in the Where U @? Challenge, earning points for donations from 9 cities in 6 states!

POINTS for the team with the most states represented by donations!
MORE POINTS for the team with most countries represented by donations!
SOME POINTS for shout-outs from donors on social media! (mention @CampSus1905 + #AC16 on Twitter and Instagram)
MEGA POINTS for fundraising events! NYC: http://ow.ly/ZYDc5
SUPER-SECRET POINTS to be awarded at random!

Rack up the points until 12:00 am Pacific on Friday 4/1 #nofooling
Support the Susquehannock Scholarship Fund: crowdrise.com/ac16