10 Aug MC Fireball and Gigantusball at S4B

The Orange and Blue at S4B culminates with two large scale games on consecutive days: MC Fireball and Gigantusball.

Gigantusball is a variation of the popular Angleball game played at both S4B and S4G. Campers and coaches exchange pre-game handshakes and expressions of good sportsmanship before taking the field.

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20 Jul First Session Recap

We concluded an amazing First Session on Tuesday, July 19th. Here’s a recap of a the fun we had, including photos of the Climbing Tower, S4B Olympics Opening Ceremonies and Relays, Orange and Blue competition, Fourth of July Field Days, Pinball HRD, MC Fireball, Villa, Cabin Skit Night, Gold Medal Regatta, Orange and Blue Spirit Games, Gigantus Ball.

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12 Jul MC Fireball in S4B

While 1986 Day was celebrated in the Girls camp, the Boys camp played yet another game invented at Susquehannock.  MC Fireball, as it is played now, was developed by former camper and staff member Dan Logue.  The game features runners circling the bases of the baseball field while the other team throws soft Gator Skin balls to get them out.  Mats are erected at each base to provide a safe zone for the runners to catch their breath or work on strategy.

Like baseball, both teams have an opportunity to run and throw.  New point values are assigned for runners doing a Crab Walk, Piggy Back, etc. every round.