20 Sep Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball Video

Hat tip to John Lloyd for the video!

31 Jul Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball Official Rules

Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball
(a Garner Kaiser/John Lloyd Creation)

Official Rules

-4 Soccer balls: Soccer rules apply, 1 point each, scored in Soccer net
-2 “Playground” balls:  Ultimate Frisbee rules apply, 5 points each, scored by striking Goalie
-2 Gator Skin balls:  Soccer rules apply, 2 points each, scored in Soccer net
-1 Football:  Angleball rules apply, 3 or 6 points each, scored on Angleball cone or in Soccer net
-1 Tennis ball:  Soccer rules apply, 10 points each, scored in Soccer net

-2 Goalies per net, no Junior campers or counselors, 1 girl and 1 boy
-No one is allowed in the crease other than Goalies
-Goalies may not stand directly in front of Angleball cone
-After goal is scored, the defense takes control of the ball

The Field: