19 Aug 2013 Counselor Skit Night

One of the biggest highlights of the summer is Counselor Skit Night during Second Session. Over the last few years, the staff has augmented the traditional live action skits with pre-recorded videos that highlight life at Camp on an entirely different level.

Live Action Skits

I. S4Improv

II. Real Men of Genius

III. Epic Rap Battles of Susquehannock

Click the links to watch the videos on our YouTube Page

I. S4G Opening Credits

II. Things Nobody Says at Camp: The Movie

III. This summer we were joined live via Skype by Erik Harvey, a former S4B staff member who is known far and wide for his patented knee-slappers. Video HERE

IV. Camp Susquehannock Parkour Academy

V. Grapes

VI. Camp Cops