06 Aug Even More Second Session Fun (!)

The middle portion of our Second Session was punctuated by the culmination of the S4B Olympics, as the Zombie Nation team coached by Seth Brownold emerged victorious.

The ladies of S4G enjoyed an evening Climbing Tower session and were treated to the return of a very special event: the Dog Show, which had not occurred in three summers.

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15 Jul Down the Stretch of First Session

It’s hard to fathom that the conclusion of First Session is only a few days away!

The boys took a break from their Orange and Blue competition, pausing for three days of Olympic games. Counselors select teams consisting of all ages and play alongside campers during this exciting sprint of multiple games per day.

Photos are included from the S4B Olympic Opening Ceremonies Relays and Jim Steen Memorial Regatta at the Waterfront. Every cabin has an opportunity to climb the Tower and attempt a zipline ride, if they so choose. The girls are pictured enjoying their time on the Tower!

And finally, with the Seniors slated to take a Canoe Trip on Wednesday, the Junior cabins were treated a special trip to Salt Springs State Park via hayride on Monday, July 14th!

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24 Jul More from Second Session

Both the action and the fun continued as the first week of Second Session of 2013 moved along. The Men of Susquehannock received instruction in a wide array of sports on the fields and courts, while the ladies from S4G were treated to special Lacrosse clinics led by Kim Richter of FILIA Sports and an evening on the Climbing Tower.

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20 Jul First Session Recap

We concluded an amazing First Session on Tuesday, July 19th. Here’s a recap of a the fun we had, including photos of the Climbing Tower, S4B Olympics Opening Ceremonies and Relays, Orange and Blue competition, Fourth of July Field Days, Pinball HRD, MC Fireball, Villa, Cabin Skit Night, Gold Medal Regatta, Orange and Blue Spirit Games, Gigantus Ball.

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07 Aug A Variety of Events at S4G

This slideshow contains the highlights of a very exciting week at S4G, including a glimpse into Riding clinics, the Climbing Tower and Zipline, the always-popular Tie Dying clinics, Orange and Blue Competition and also the Second Session S4G Decathlon.

15 Jul Climbing Tower

The girls of Cabb Inn and Mount Inn during an evening at the Climbing Tower.