07 Jul Memorial Service for Mr. Ed

On a beautiful summer day on Tripp Lake, current campers, staff members and many visiting Grizzled Veterans gathered to celebrate the life of Mr. Ed Shafer, long-time Camp Director and son of founder “King” Shafer.

Different generations of the Shafer family offered heartfelt remarks to memorialize this great man who is personally responsible for the continued excellence of Camp Susquehannock.

Read more about the life of Mr. Ed and his enduring legacy on our website.

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01 Jul Sunday Morning Chapel Service

It is a tradition to gather as one Camp on a Sunday each Session for a joint Chapel Service. Co-Site Director Cannie Shafer welcomed campers, staff and visitors to Cubberely Grove named for a long-time Camp Doctor. Dr. Cubberley was also a devoted nature enthusiast who relished living in a cottage on the banks of Tripp Lake. As a fitting memorial to his many years of service, the Cubberley and Susqueuannock families created Cubberley Grove at the Waterfront.

While gathered in this tranquil setting, Cannie used a pepple, rock and a boulder to highlight the difference in perspective of challenges we face every day. She encouraged all to take a moment to consider the relative size of every issue in our lives. If the problem is the size of a pebble, perhaps it would be best to set it aside. When encountering rocks or boulders, it is best to devote more effort and concentration to address the problem.

In closing, Cannie read an excerpt of a famous poem perfectly suited for this reflection:

“Please grant me the serenity and the patience to accept the things I can not change, the courage and the perseverance to change the things I can – and the wisdom to know and understand the difference.”

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