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Find Your Fun This Summer

Create Unforgettable Memories

Our campers find their fun in a lifelong passion for adventure & an active lifestyle.

Improve Athletic Skills

At Susquehannock, your child will develop into a well-rounded athlete through a unique multi-sport program.

Build & Strengthen Confidence

All of our campers develop high character, confidence, grit and independence. 

What Our Parents Say About Us

“My child has been coming for years, and loves it! She comes back every year with having experienced something new, and seems to flourish there, and has met life-long friends.”

“My child spoke highly of the caring and inspiring staff. He loved making friends and being able to play with them every day for seven weeks. My child seemed filled up by all the daily activity and experiences involved with healthy life in the country.”

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Examples of Positive Results as a Result of a Summer at Susquehannock

  • My 9 year old is less fearful at night and more confident about his sports and swimming skills.
  • My 13 year old is less dependent on electronics and is now a Rubik’s cube master.
  • My child is more self-sufficient and independent.
  • My child will try new foods.
  • My child is more sure of their abilities, and more comfortable in their skin.
  • My child has gained confidence and independence, his sports skills have improved, and he came home happy and satisfied.
  • My child seems to understand the concept of sharing the household responsibilities and is a bit better organized with personal things.

Summer #116 in 2021

In 2021 we’ll be welcoming our campers for the 116th time. 

Since 1905 we have encouraged the moral, social, and physical development of young campers. Through a combination of athletics, adventure activities, family-style dining, and cabin life, campers create life-long friendships and discover their own potential. Campers embrace tolerance and respect for others, learn how to deal gracefully with conflict, and develop a sense of fair play.

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