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Without our energetic and talented staff, the Susquehannock experience would be impossible! Our Camps have an extremely high return rate of staff members, some of whom have been associated with Susquehannock for over 40 years. The Senior Staff members are educators in the off season and have many years of experience working with children.

Much of our staff are former campers themselves who are familiar with the program and traditions. Each year there are a few available spots for enthusiastic candidates to apply. Our staff comes to Susquehannock from all over the United States and many countries around the world!

Cabin Counselors must be at least 18 years of age or have completed the equivalent of 12th grade in high school.
Junior Counselors must be at least 17 years old or have completed 11th grade of high school.

As a staff member at The Susquehannock Camps, your job description will be varied and you will fulfill more than one role. You are a “surrogate parent” to campers while they are at Camp. This role is taken very seriously and it is expected that each staff member is prepared to have the well being of every camper as a priority during their time at Camp. We expect our staff to be enthusiastic, versatile and be comfortable interacting with both adults and children.

Counselors will live in a cabin with campers that are of a similar age and grade. Our campers range in age from 7 to 16 years old. There will be at least two and often three counselors in every cabin. There are usually about 6 to 12 campers in a cabin (age and cabin dependent). In addition, counselors will teach/coach an activity at camp. Depending on the skills you are hired for, you may be teaching/coaching one or multiple activities. You may be the lead or support staff for that activity. In all situations you are responsible for each camper’s general well being.

For a more detailed job description, click links below:
Activity Counselor Job Description
Cabin Counselor Job Description

Things staff need to know about The Susquehannock Camps:

Although it is the summer, our temperatures at Camp can vary quite a bit. Be prepared for temperatures to range from a low of 50 degrees to a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It usually rains at some point during camp. Here is a list of suggested things to bring to camp: Packing List

There is no air conditioning or heating at camp, so staff members should be prepared to live with the natural temperatures. Susquehannock is located in a rural area of Pennsylvania, surrounded by beautiful woods, a fresh water lake, and nature and all of its creatures. If you do not enjoy the outdoors, Susquehannock is not the camp for you.

Each Counselor will join their cabin on an over night at least once each session. This means you will sleep and cook outdoors, and experience what it is to live outdoors for the night. This is often a very rewarding experience for a cabin group and the best overnights are usually due to enthusiastic staff participation. Come prepared to do camp cheers, sing camp songs, build and cook over a fire (we will teach you if you do not know how to) and sleep under the stars!

Not all our toilet facilities are flush toilets. We have “port-o-johns” and outhouses, as well.

You will do a lot of walking and activity at Camp regardless of what activity you teach/coach. This is the nature of traditional camps and the size of the facilities.

You will have access to the internet, but it is limited and has to be worked in with your work schedule. You may bring your own laptop so that you do not have to share a communal computer, but remember CSI is not responsible for loss or damage of your personal property.

Most mobile phone providers do not have good coverage at Camp. Let your family and friends know you will contact them when you can, but it will not be as often as they may be used to. Traditional mail is a great way to communicate during the summer. Campers are not permitted internet or mobile phone access at Camp in our mission to offer them an unplugged experience. This is the expectation for staff while they are on duty or in the presence of campers.

Time Off:
All staff get one 12-hour day off and two nights off most weeks. This schedule is different for work week, training week and varies during the first and last weeks of Camp. You will however still get time off during those weeks. Time off is never an overnight out of Camp (unless arrangements are made with the site directors prior to camp for things such as a family wedding). You will still sleep in your cabin since all staff have a curfew of 1 a.m. When you are on your time off, other staff members will be covering your cabin or activities. We cannot house staff guests overnight at Camp. You must request permission from the site directors if you are having any visitors to Camp.

There will also be free periods between the activities you teach/coach, but while living in a group environment you must realize that your time off is not always your own or private.

Working at a summer camp is a very demanding, yet rewarding job. Know your limits and be prepared to work hard and long hours. Those who come back to camp year after year think this is the best job ever, but this may not be the case for everybody.

Arrival at Camp:
All staff are expected to make and pay for their own arrangements to get to and from camp. If you need to fly, it should be into Newark Airport, JFK Airport or Binghamton Airport. If you fly to Newark or JFK Airport, you will still need to transfer to Port Authority and take a 3 hour bus drive to Binghamton, NY. We will be happy to transport staff from Binghamton bus station or Binghamton Airport. All staff driving to camp should take a look at our directions page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your interest in The Susquehannock Camps and if you are hired, know you are joining a Camp family that has existed since 1905.

Important Dates for 2024:
Friday, June 7 Work Week begins at 4:00p; All 18+ staff members are welcome to attend, but must sign a Work Week Consent Form. Any staff member who completes five days of Work Week will receive an additional 24 hours off during the season. Note: If staff are being trained for lifeguarding or other special certifications, it may take place during Work Week (you will be required to be on-site)
Sunday, June 16 –
Training Week begins promptly at 1:00p. Lunch will be the first meal provided to staff.  In order to be on time for Staff Training, consider arriving in the morning to move in
Thursday, June 27 – Opening Day (2-Week Session + Full Season)
Thursday, July 11 – Closing Day (2-Week Session)
Sunday, July 14 – Opening Day (4-Week Session)
Sunday, August 11 – Closing Day
Monday, August 13
– Staff contracts end when all work is completed and completion forms are signed by Heads of Camp, Director of Operations + Camp Director
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