What do parents have to say about Camp Susquehannock?

Parent Testimonials:

There is “a professionalism of all in the camp’s program – the high quality of compassion and understanding to both campers and parents without any compromise to the outstanding learning and character building provided.”

“My child has always been treated fairly and with a tremendous amount of respect – that says it all! Thank You!”

Parents like that Susquehannock has a “traditional camp feel, with no cell phones, computers, etc.” and is “small and rustic, and not so commercialized like many camps have become.”

“My child has been coming for years, and loves it! She comes back every year with having experienced something new, and seems to flourish there, and has met life long friends.”

“I trust these counselors. I appreciate that I see the same faces every year in the counselors, and the administration. These people love their ‘work’, their camp, and these kids.”

“My child spoke highly of the caring and inspiring staff. He loved making friends and being able to play with them every day for seven weeks. My child seemed filled up by all the daily activity and experiences involved with healthy life in the country.”

“My child loves all aspects of camp. I could not say anything that my child did not like. The stories are still coming!”


  • My 9 year old is less fearful at night and more confident about his sports and swimming skills
  • My 13 year old is less dependent on electronics and is now a Rubik’s cube master
  • My child is more self-sufficient and independent
  • My child will try new foods
  • My child is more sure of their abilities, and more comfortable in their skin
  • My child has gained confidence and independence, his sports skills have improved, and he came home happy and satisfied
  • My child seems to understand the concept of sharing the household responsibilities and is a bit better organized with personal things

A Thank You to Susquehannock

Our family’s involvement with Susquehannock began in the summer of 2012 when Blake Shafer suggested that Colin Hanrahan serve as a counselor at the camp during the summer following Colin’s graduation from college. Colin’s younger brother, Connor, visited Colin at camp with their dad and within minutes Connor was having a great time playing sports and being in the camp environment. Driving back from Susquehannock, Connor said he wanted to go to Susquehannock the next summer, which he did. In fact, Colin came back from teaching in Shanghai so he could be a counselor while Connor was at camp. It was a special time for both.

Connor has been back to Susquehannock every year since. This will be his eighth year. He convinced his older brother, Caden, and some friends to attend. It is interesting that Connor, who loves sports, and Caden, who is much less enthusiastic about sports, both felt at home at Susquehannock. This is because of the supportive community and all the leaders that make it that way.

Connor really enjoys the variety of sports at Susquehannock. Connor is a very good Cross-Country and Track runner, but at Susquehannock he swims, plays Tennis, rides horses and plays “sports” like Angleball that most people haven’t even heard about. These activities build endurance and sharpen skills while avoiding the repetitive-use injuries so common in young people who focus on one sport. This is why Connor goes to Susquehannock rather than a running camp. At a one-sport camp, everyone is there to practice that one sport; at Susquehannock there are many sports just for fun. Camp Susquehannock creates a positive environment that enables campers to develop their sportsmanship. Connor, in particular, transformed from an eight year-old with no sense of sportsmanship to someone who takes great pride in his sportsmanship and makes sure everyone is included.

But Susquehannock is so much more than a sports camp, in part because the campers are from diverse places and have many interests. The social development Susquehannock fosters is far more important than athletic development. Susquehannock has a special spirit that binds people together. Though Colin and Caden “graduated” from Susquehannock years ago, they still do routines from camp with Connor. There is even a crazy video of Colin, Connor and their dad singing in a classic song from Susquehannock on a hilltop in New Zealand in the rain last summer.

While it is great for Susquehannock to honor and maintain its traditions, we also appreciate the current efforts to renew and improve. The camp cannot remain static but must evolve with the changing times, while holding onto its great past.

So, this is a “thank-you” from us to all the great people who make Camp Susquehannock such a wonderful place.

-The Hanrahan Family