2020 Dates + Rates / #Summer115

SessionDatesAge*Regular Rate
First Half
(24 Days)
June 27 (Saturday) –
July 20 (Monday)
Second Half
(24 Days)
July 23 (Thursday) –
August 15 (Saturday)
Full Season
(50 Days)
June 27 (Saturday) –
August 15 (Saturday)

*Camper age at start of Session

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Scholarship assistance may be available



To reserve your child’s place at Susquehannock next summer, click “Register Now.” If you’re looking for the scholarship application, please visit the Scholarship page.

In the spring we will send you a welcome packet that will include a letter from the Director and a packing list. Medical Forms can be completed using our CampDoc online registration system.

We look forward to working with your child this coming summer!

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Optional Programs

Horseback Riding is offered 20 (Full Season only), 10, 6 or 3 lessons per session, at a rate of $60.00 per lesson. Click here to learn more

Tutoring is $60.00 per lesson for each subject (maximum 8 lessons). Click here to learn more

Transportation is offered at an additional rate. To learn more about transportation options, please click here

Bedding can be rented for $75 for one session and $150 for Full Season by International Campers only