Who’s Who in Orange + Blue Submissions

We are looking for any submissions or news items from our campers, staff members and alumni.

Tell us about your highlights since leaving Camp and feel free to send in any photos you’d like to share (bonus points for any Camp gear in the photo!).

We’d also love to see any Camp-inspired reports or art projects produced. If it has something to do with Orange and Blue, we’ll publish it for you!

Alternatively, you may email your submissions to OrangeandBlue@susquehannock.com along with pictures and/or Word/PDF files.

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    First Summer at Camp:


    Social Media Handle (list your unique handle and the media it's on):

    Since Camp ended, I have...
    (Current campers could include any sports you played, clubs or other activities you participated in, places you visited or are planning to visit, or Camp friends you've seen recently):

    Best memory from Camp last summer (current campers) / Favorite Camp memory (former campers):