Junior Counselor Program (JCs)

To be accepted into this program, former CITs are recommended by the counselor and senior staff. These potential staff members must fill out a staff application and if hired, they will sign a contract to be on the payroll. To qualify, JCs must be entering their senior year in high school, and/or be 17 years if age. JCs should ideally have had CIT experience, an expertise in some of the Camp program activities, have several good references and demonstrated ability to work well with children. They will also need to attend the full staff training week before campers arrive.

JCs work closely with counselors in many areas, occasionally taking over in order to be given experiences necessary to develop the capability for fulfilling all of a counselor’s responsibilities. JCs assist in instructional sessions and activities where they are qualified to help. They may substitute for a regular coach in a game situation. JCs may assist or substitute for the camp officials in running athletic contests. JCs most important duty is cabin placement where they will assist a counselor. They will normally work with campers who are at least three years younger than themselves.

JCs may also continue their own athletic development and attend instructional sessions that interest them. When they are not scheduled, they may take part in athletic competition with the counselors and will attend regular staff meetings.

JCs will receive two nights off a week. If they go on a trip out of Camp, they will be supervised by a staff member over 21 years of age. They receive most of the privileges that the counselors do (mobile phone usage, internet access, washer and dryer usage). They will also be given the opportunity for a day off each session and/or the opportunity to go on the scheduled canoe trips.

*Any staff under 18 years old who need to drive their own cars to camp will be asked to keep their keys in the Camp safe and refrain from the use of their vehicle while at Camp.

Junior Counselor Job Description