25 Jul 2009 – Issue II

Camp Susquehannock First Session A Rousing Success!
We pick up the story with clinics and Orange and Blue competition heating up. Our program features team and free choice clinics in the morning, Orange and Blue games in the afternoons (and sometimes evenings).

One of the highlights in the Boys camp is the Gigantusball game, which is a multiple field Angleball game that every camper and counselor participates in.  Free choice clinics also include time in our Craft Shop and Wood Shop.

Jeff Lyon of Your Eco Solutions gave a presentation on the conservation of water during rest hour. Camp Susquehannock has fully embraced the increased awareness with regards to our environment and launched a Going Lean and Green initiative this summer. We learned that the world population was approximately two billion in 1973 and now in 2009 it is seven billion and steadily increasing. He asked us to think about the impact of the exponential population growth on the world’s water resources, which are being depleted daily.

By the year 2025, 66% of the world’s population will experience a shortage of water. The average American citizen uses 100 gallons of water PER DAY as opposed to 26 gallons in Europe. The campers then did a relay race of carrying buckets of water, demonstrating a small portion of a daily ritual for many people in third world countries. Every drop spilled makes a huge difference and Jeff told us several simple things we can do to conserve, such as turning the faucet off while brushing teeth.

The Annex in S4B and Cabb Inn were treated to a special treat after winning the First Session Cabin Inspection awards. The girls in Cab Inn enjoyed an ice cream feast at nearby Creek Bend Miniature Golf Course while the boys in Annex had a meal prepared by our chefs Greg and Adam.

A summer at Susquehannock is not just about winning ribbons or getting accolades, it is truly about how campers are changed as people for the better. On behalf of all the Staff, we truly hope to see you back next summer! 2010 will be a particularly special year, as we will be hosting an Alumni/Family Reunion Weekend, celebrating our 105th year. Check back here for more updates from the rest of the summer!

S4G Orange and Blue Final Standings:
S4B Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Orange: 174
Blue: 211

06 Jul 2009 – Issue I

Camp Susquehannock Opens for 104th Summer!
After two weeks of intense preparation, the staff of Camp Susquehannock welcomed another group of campers eager to embrace the singular experience provided at our Tripp Lake campus. We are happy to launch the second volume of The Tripp Lake Times, which will continue to chronicle the summer at Susquehannock.

The first night of the session is reserved for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. After both Camps received a welcome from Director Cannie Shafer and the Staff, the girls and boys head to their respective camps for opening night festivities, including Counselor Skits in the Girls Camp and a Dodgeball game in the Boys camp.
As we create our Orange and Blue teams, campers participate in World Games. We strive to make fair teams where every camper feels confident to contribute.  A special event in the first hours of the session is the Team Cheers in both Camps.
A spirited first week was capped off by our annual Fourth of July Field Days in the Boys Camp. Teams compete in a variety of games, followed by a swim at the Waterfront and a cook-out.  Cannie Shafer welcomed both Camps and introduces Andrew Hano, who provided the keynote address. After Andrew’s remarks, the games begun!
Check back for more updates very soon! If you would like to alerted when new Issues of the TLT are released, please email josho@susquehannock.com.

21 Jul 2008 – Issue IV

First Half Ends With a Flurry of Activity
The last week of Camp is always full of culminating experiences such as The Loyal Guard Chicken Feed and Camper Skit Night as well as the Camp Open Doubles coed Tennis Tournament, the Gold Medal Tennis Tournaments, Swimming Regattas and Decathlon.

Then there are special events in each camp like S4G’s Villa Hunt and S4B’s Gigantusball.  The last days are important as we finish the Orange and Blue competitions and enjoy the  Chicken Feeds, award the Golden Broom for cabin inspections and have wrap up with our special Team Spirit Camp Fire (S4B) and Candle Float (S4G).

The first half campers are sadly packing to go home – they are going to be “camp sick” and the full season campers all packed up to go on a midseason trip overnight to Camelbeach near Tobyhanna State Park!

Stay tuned – and say hello to the second half campers and more good times at Tripp Lake!

S4B Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Orange:  170
Blue:  175

S4G Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Blue:  115
Orange:  109

13 Jul 2008 – Issue III

Special Events in the Riding Program Punctuate a Busy Week Three
Week Three began and ended with two great events for our riders.  On July 5th and 6th we were pleased to welcome Becky Backer for special clinics.  Mrs. Backer’s credentials include: earned riding certification (AI) in Ireland through the British Horse Society, trained, three students to the North American Championships in Eventing, and is currently a partner in Brentwood Stables in Angelica, NY.  She also was our Riding Program Director Heather Pufky’s professor in college.

S4G and S4B separately traveled to nearby Salt Springs State Park for a Sunday evening cookout. Campers had an opportunity to hike trails and enjoy the falls.

Our First Half canoe trips on the Delaware River also went out this week.  Each half  campers and staff spend a day on the river, paddling close to 17 miles!  The second trip on Wednesday was greeted with perfect weather and even an appearance by two giant Bald Eagles.

There was also plenty of action on the fields and courts.  In addition to a full schedule of clinics, including the martial art Aikido, both camps held their Regattas, Decathalons and first-ever Triathlon.

Week Three ended with two huge events:  the Camp-wide Orange and Blue Capture the Flag game and a co-ed “Club Susquehannock” co-ed activity.

06 Jul 2008 – Issue II

Trip 1 A Rousing Success
The first trip of the half went out on Monday and consisted of our oldest campers.  They were treated to an evening of campfires and camp outs, a whitewater rafting adventure and a minor league baseball game in Scranton.

Special Chapel Service Commemorates Doctor Cubberley
We began our second week with a moving chapel service in honor of Doctor Peter Cubberley, who passed away during the off-season.  ”Doc. Cubbs” served Camp faithfully for twenty-five years as doctor.  Buff Weigand described a “kind, gentle, intelligent, poised and caring man”.  Nurse Carol Nasser summed it up perfectly, “Peter will be missed by all who knew him.  Camp was only one aspect of his very rich life and medical career in Cleveland, OH but it was something he loved.  Camp was fortunate to have Doctor Peter Cubberley donate his summers so unselfishly.  Thank you, Peter.”

Dr. Cubberley’s family all gathered at camp prior to its opening for their own time to honor Peter. His wife Martha spoke with us about something more permanent at Camp that she could donate that would help us all remember Doc. Cubs. He loved the out of doors so much that she decided that a special, quiet and pretty place to go would be a great idea. We are working with her to plant gardens and reset benches and paths in the Sunday Service area by the edge of the lake. Staff, CITs and a professional gardener are already hard at work on this project so it will be completed during the second half.
Back on the fields and courts,  we settled into our routine of clinics in the morning and games in the afternoon.  The on-going Orange and Blue competition has been very spirited so far.  Our Independence Day festivities are always memorable and this year was no exception.  We had a nearly perfect day to celebrate July 4th. The Main Lodge was decorated with red, white and blue bunting and there were paths all over the upper and lower campus decorated with American flags.

The annual Field Day is organized by S4B and held on the upper fields in the boys’ camp (but in second half S4G sponsors our very own Olympics, which take place on the lower fields in the girls’ camp.) Field Day events include traditional activities like Sack Races and Tug-of-War as well as Egg Toss, Apple Bob, and Balloon Pop Relay.
Our calendar for the month includes each cabin having great experiences together with their counselors getting to do the Climbing Tower, participating in cooking out and doing an overnight somewhere on the camp property.
Week Two ended with a special two day Riding clinic, featuring instruction from renowned Equine Studies professor Becky Backer.  We’ll be back next issue with more from these special clinics.

29 Jun 2008 – Issue I

Camp Susquehannock opens for 103rd summer!

The first half at Camp Susquehannock began with our typical crisp morning that gave way to sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.

We’ve established this space to serve as a running chronicle of the summer, highlighting the great games, amazing achievements and everything that makes a summer at Susquehannock so special. Think of it as a newspaper where the top story is always your child.

We pick up the story at the point where your child – now camper – began their adventure at Susquehannock.  Opening day allows campers time to get moved into their cabins, learn their way around the campus and the lake and meet all kinds of new friends, playing pick up games and participating in activities.

After a great opening dinner with everyone assigned to their dining hall tables, there is a “welcome to camp” meeting led by the respective Site Directors in their separate camp Lodges.  Life at camp is explained by the Senior and Cabin Counselor staff and everyone is introduced.  The girl campers are treated to their traditional opening night counselor skits, while the boy campers are treated to a camp-wide team-style Dodgeball game led by their counselors.

After those activities, each cabin has their opening night meeting with their counselors.  Be sure to check back during the upcoming weeks to read all about your camper’s fun activities and experience