03 Jul First Week Reflections

We’re starting a new feature this summer, turning over the TLT once a week to the Heads of both Camps to offer a reflection on the previous week.  First up, Head of S4G Trish Pearson:

We began our 25th summer at S4G with many fond remembrances of summers past and anticipation of the summers to come. Old camp friendships picked up where they left off and we welcomed new campers to our family. The stellar S4G staff not only worked to prepare the facilities for the season, these young women devoted themselves to creating exciting activities focused on providing our campers with a wide experience of teamwork, creativity and appreciation of the natural world.

We have enjoyed beautiful, sunny days and cool nights these first few days and activities began with World Games on Monday with campers playing on all fields in mixed age groups. After the spirited competition of the day, the teams presented cheers. For those of you who have not experienced these cheers, they provide some of the highlights of each camp session. To celebrate the the founding of S4G in 1986, the Pink Team presented their conception of cheers from 1986, 1996, 2006 and the future.

After World Games, the Orange and Blue teams were announced and the competition for the session began with highly competitive games. This year, the head coaches of the Orange and Blue teams, Clare Mahoney and Holly Bailey, presented each of their team member with a reversible, orange and blue, pinnie to wear during the games. We have already seen close competition and the winner of the competition will be announced at the always memorable Orange and Blue Banquet during the last week of camp.

I am deeply grateful to be a part of the Camp Susquehannock family. In our conversations among the S4G Staff, we continually reflect on how fortunate we are to have a part in the growth and development of the campers. Every season, we see these young women face challenges and opportunities. We recognize and celebrate their determination and successes and look forward to sharing it with you as the camp season continues.

-Trish Pearson

29 Jun S4B World Games Team Cheer Competition

Before we can create our Orange and Blue teams, campers are placed on either Team A or Team B for a group of evaluation contests called World Games. The campers are also given the task of producing a team cheer to be judged before a spirited game of Run Rabbit, Run.

28 Jun 2011 First Session Opening Days

Whether this is your first time visiting this site or you’re a Grizzled Veteran of these posts, welcome back to the Tripp Lake Times!  We are planning to bring even more photos, videos, songs and special event recaps in the coming weeks, so please check back often.

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Our 2011 First Session opened with beautiful sunshine, happy reunions, new arrivals and of course, lots of fun!  After moving into cabins, campers jumped right into the games and visited Tripp Lake for the first of many times this summer.

With a delicious dinner consumed, Directors Win and Cannie Shafer, along with the Senior Staff and counseling staff welcomed the campers on the porch of the boys’ Lodge and passed along valuable information about life at Susquehannock.

The Boys camp then rounded out the day with a game of Dodgeball, as recent tradition dictates.  The girls, after going back down the Hill, were treated to skits by their counselors.  The first full day of First Session began with World Games in both Camps, as we try to create balanced Orange and Blue teams.

Once again, welcome back to the TLT and please check back often for updates, in addition to following the action at Susquehannock on our other social media outlets!

13 Feb Susquehannock Shout-out!

Former camper Carlos Pena, currently starring on “Big Time Rush,” mentions his time at Susquehannock in a recent interview with Popstar! Magazine:

12 Jan 2011 Susquehannock Winter Classic

For the second straight year, a group of counselors gathered at Camp over New Years for a few days of ice hockey on Tripp Lake.  What does Camp look like during the winter?  Click on the following slideshow for a glimpse!

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s three videos taken by Paul Moeller:

10 Jan Winter Bowling Reunion

Coming close on the heels of New Year celebrations, the annual Camp Winter Reunion always is a great way to spend a winter’s day.  This year we gathered on Sunday, January 9th for a few hours of good friends and (hopefully) good bowling.

Thanks to Mary Powell for the photos!

14 Dec We Need Your Help This Off-Season

Happy holidays! We sincerely hope that your holiday season is peaceful and enjoyable in every way.

In recent years foot traffic at camp fairs has steadily declined, since families prefer to do their summer camp research online. Therefore we have decided to reduce our camp fair appearances in favor of planning more intimate events for interested families.

We are asking for your help in setting up these Camp Open House gatherings. We have found that attendance is directly related to family-to-family invitations, as opposed to invitations sent by a Camp representative. It also may be helpful to plan an event with a group of other Camp families that live near you and pool resources.

No matter where your home is located, we will make sure that staff and materials are available at any such event, coast-to-coast. I personally am willing to travel anywhere if it’s a good chance to spread the word about Susquehannock.

We’ve already had one Open House thus far this off-season and this was a rousing success. The best part is that the host family wasn’t even a current Susquehannock family. They had made the decision to send their children in 2011 and invited a dozen or so of their friends with children over to their home. We played the award-winning Camp video, did a short Q&A session, handed out brochures and that concluded the event. All in all, we gained four new campers from this hour-long gathering. We know you already love Susquehannock, so imagine how successful an Open House Event could be at your home.

These Open House events are crucial in helping Susquehannock to successfully market itself in the off-season. I am available to discuss and help out in any way that I can, so please feel free to contact me via email (josho@susquehannock.com) or phone (518) 424-5701.

Our Susquehannock families are the best advocates that we have, let’s really increase our efforts to spread the word this off-season!

05 Dec New Camp Webpage Launched!

Thanks to the continued hard work of Rob Kent, Ames Parsons, Tarryn Rozen, Cannie Shafer and Paul Travis: the newly redesigned Susquehannock webpage is now available.
Check it out!

10 Nov Local Boy Scout Troop Spends Time at Camp

Representatives from Boy Scout Troop 50 enjoyed a rare off-season Overnight at the Ant Hill campsite over the weekend of September 10-12, 2010.  The boys reported back that they had a blast!

Over the weekend they were able to rebuild two fire pits and clean up the Ant Hill and then did the same over at the Quarry campsite.

Thanks so much to these Boy Scouts for their help this off-season!

26 Oct Early Bird PLUS Deadline

Don’t miss out on the valuable savings from enrolling early – Early Bird PLUS applicants save an average of $500. off of regular tuition.  All you need to do is submit a deposit for $1,000 per camper to lock in the Early Bird PLUS rates.  Send in an application or pay via credit card over the phone: (866) 482-2977 (toll-free).

Please contact Josh with any questions: josho@susquehannock.com or (518) 424-5701.