Scholarship Program

Camp Susquehannock is committed to enrolling a diverse camper body from varying economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds to nourish each camper’s experience at Susquehannock for Boys (S4B) and Susquehannock for Girls (S4G). The Board of Directors recognizes the need to establish scholarships and have created a Scholarship Program and Scholarship Committee to manage the selection process.

The Committee will use the available funds to provide partial and full scholarships to those children whose families or guardians could not otherwise afford a summer camp experience. In selecting campers, the Committee will consider family income, the potential contribution a camper may make to Camp, and the potential benefit the summer will have on the camper.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must demonstrate financial need (an objective criteria) and suitability (a subjective criteria). Timely submission of a complete application and supporting documents will be a prerequisite for consideration.

All scholarship campers are expected to contribute a minimum of $100 toward their tuition*. Any campers wishing to participate in optional programs, such as horseback riding, tutoring, transportation, etc., will pay the requisite fees in full. Susquehannock also has a Camp store. Each camper has a store account in their name in which their parents or guardians can deposit money. We recommend about $75 for each session the camper is at Camp. They can purchase things like toiletries, Camp clothing and a snack at the Camp store.

The application process for 2019 has concluded; please check back in September.