Camp Susquehannock was founded in 1905 by a teacher, George Carleton “King” Shafer, who was assigned to tutor a number of students over the summer. Believing that the pristine highlands of Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains would be more comfortable than the heat of a city, he brought all these students with him up to what is now Susquehannock. When not studying, they played Baseball and swam in the cool waters of Tripp Lake.

We at Susquehannock continue to believe that fresh air, sunshine and sports combine perfectly with academic rigor for those campers who seek either to get ahead in school or who need remedial assistance. Some campers in the tutoring program are international campers studying English reading, speaking and composition. With many teachers on staff campers who need instruction in almost any subject can be accommodated.

Tutoring is offered as an extra at a rate of $60.00 per lesson for each subject (maximum 8 lessons). All our tutors are qualified teachers.

Subjects offered include:
Math (Specify course and level)
Language Arts (Specify: Grammar, Writing, Conversation, Reading)
ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language)We strongly suggest that first-time campers who do not speak English as their first language sign up

Sometimes other options are available upon request – please call ahead of time to ask if your needs can be accommodated.