Creative Arts

Craft Shop/Art Barn

Campers can express their creative side in this space. Instructors will help campers learn about the materials, methods, and tools, then give them the freedom to develop their own
imaginative projects.

And while these projects are fun and highly rewarding, there is a far greater benefit to participation in this arena.


Learning Patience. In a world where almost everything is instant for our campers, the arts program will allow them to work on projects that take time and aren’t finished immediately or in just one session. Creative arts teach patience and a type of learning where you can develop the ability to take time and to not rush. Knowing that there will be other opportunities during later arts sessions to work on the projects again.

Perseverance. Giving the campers the chance to learn something new. A skill set that is perhaps outside of those they already know or have learned. Campers will have the space available to learn and try new things, just as they learn and discover on the sports fields. Creative arts will provide campers with the time and space to learn something that they may have never had available to them, or work and hone the skills that they already have.

Brain Development. Having the space where campers can turn off the part of the brain that has been driving them on the fields during sports and games and switching to use the part of the brain that allows them to create and think, make, build, and design. This is accomplished through drawing, painting, crafts, movement, gardening or woodwork.

Reflection. Our hope is that campers who may find the days at camp to be stimulating and at times exhausting will come to the sessions and spaces and be able to reflect in a less linear way. Taking a peaceful moment to use their hands and minds and create cool things. A place where they aren’t quite as stimulated with the chaos of whistles, hard physical exertion and noise that some campers may find overwhelming.


Dance, Drama and Singing (Girls)

At Susquehannock for Girls, our Dance, Drama and Singing program showcases the great spirit and energy of our campers. Girls may participate in short skits, talent shows, and dance routines, allowing them to show off their abilities and express themselves. Singing is a major part of the girl’s camp life and ranges from traditional camp songs to new songs that campers invent.