Leaders-In-Training and Counselors-In-Training Program

The Susquehannock Camps have worked since their foundation to build opportunities to teach campers about themselves and therefore to develop their independence, leadership potential, and the character strengths that exist in each of them. The LIT/CIT program is setup to help campers learn some leadership qualities that will not only help them to become great camp counselors, but also help them in life in general.

Leaders-in-Training Program (LITs)

Leaders-in-Training Level 1 (LIT 1)/Leaders-in-Training Level 2 (LIT 2)

The LIT program is designed to give older campers an opportunity to function in the Camp community as aspiring leaders and role models to younger campers, as well as learn the value of giving back to one’s community.

All campers aged 14 and 15 years old by the time they come to camp will experience some added responsibilities in their camp program. They will still be participating in all the activities that The Susquehannock Camps have to offer, but they will also be assigned occasional responsibilities. For example, an LIT may be asked to help in the dining hall after meals. Such camp community service oriented tasks will not exclude LITs from participating in sports or other activities offered at Camp.

Some campers, based on their grade and where there birthday falls in the year, end up being an LIT for 2 years.

Counselors-in-Training Program (CITs)

Once a camper has completed 10th grade, they will participate in the CIT program. These campers could potentially be 15, 16 or 17 years old. The important factor is that they have completed their 10th grade year in school.

CITs are still classified as campers and they will still fully participate in all the activities that The Susquehannock Camps have to offer. However, their program will include more leadership building skills. CITs will be assigned daily duties that could, for example, include helping staff members during a clinic and learning how to manage groups of children. CITs will be carefully supervised, encouraged, evaluated, given constructive feedback and coaching. They will also be assigned Camp community service duties that will help them better understand some of the work that goes into making a successful, healthy Camp community.

Due to the nature of the CIT program requiring a camper to be more of a role model to younger campers and to have increased responsibilities at Camp, Camp Susquehannock Inc. reserves the right to advise parents if their child is not ready to progress to the CIT program and thus should take a break from coming to Camp. This will be an open discussion between the child’s parents/guardians and the Head of Susquehannock for Boys, Susquehannock for Girls or one of the Directors.

All campers who are 14 years and older
will also be allowed to participate in chaperoned activities outside of Camp life. The frequency of these trips could be one trip per session for LITs or one trip per week for CITs. Campers can be excluded from these trips if their behavior may not be respectful of the outside community, if they can’t participate in a safe manner, or if they have shown blatant disregard for their fellow campers and staff members.

All campers 14 years old and up will be required to read and sign a CSI Code of Conduct Agreement. Their Parent/Guardian will also be required to sign this document. The purpose of this agreement is to impress upon older campers (who are viewed as role models by younger campers) the importance of them conducting themselves in a manner that fosters a safe, nurturing and fun environment for the Camp Susquehannock community.