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Two Programs, One Philosophy


The Susquehannock Camps have encouraged the moral, social, and physical development of young campers since 1905. Through a combination of athletics, adventure activities, family-style dining, and cabin life, campers create life-long friendships and discover their own potential. Campers embrace tolerance and respect for others, learn how to deal gracefully with conflict, and develop a sense of fair play.

Camp Susquehannock’s experienced staff runs a program designed to engender self-reliance, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and leadership. Operating as brother and sister camps on a breathtaking 1200-acre campus located in the Endless Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Camp Susquehannock for Boys and Camp Susquehannock for Girls are independent programs for campers ages 7 to 16 years old. Each camp has its own individual traditions that its campers hold dear. Summer at Susquehannock pays dividends that last a lifetime.

Moral Development – We use fun-focused athletics, player-centric coaching, and adventure activities as the medium to teach life lessons. Through these time-tested means, we promote personal integrity, leadership development, mutual respect of your competitor, fair play, and learning to take risks in a safe environment. Susquehannock also encourages a respect for the environment and for the impact each of us has on it.

Social Development – Campers are immersed in a diverse community. Through team sports, cabin life, and family-style dining, traditional values such as shared responsibility, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and compassion are emphasised. Campers form friendships at camp that last a lifetime.

Physical Development – We encourage campers to develop their athletic skills, fitness levels, and individual interests while teaching the value of a healthy lifestyle.

Environment – Situated on Tripp Lake, a beautiful spring-fed glacial lake, our camp is nestled in the magnificent rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Whether playing on open fields, hiking through the surrounding woods, or spending a night under the star-filled sky, Susquehannock nurtures a deep respect for the environment.


The Susquehannock Camps encourage the moral, social, and physical development of campers, primarily through the medium of team and individual sports. The program is designed to engender self-reliance, self-confidence, and leadership ability. In athletic competition, at the dining table, and in cabin life campers are taught tolerance and respect for others, how to deal gracefully with conflict, and a sense of fair play.