Directors and Staff

Susquehannock is extremely proud of the experienced coaches and gifted teachers that are brought together each summer to work with our campers. Many of our senior staff and cabin counselors attended camp as they grew up. As a result of what they learned throughout their years, each has a deeply ingrained dedication to the positive development of young people.

Every summer these staff members, as well as staff we have recruited from around the world, gather to provide a time-tested program, which has been developed to inspire and challenge young men and women achieve their maximum potential.

Senior Staff

Jeff Bell


Trish Kittredge

Director of Operations

Andrew Hano

Boys Camp Advisor

Jay Pearcy

Head of Girls Camp

Jon Savitch

Head of Boys Camp

Heather DelGrande

Head of Creative Arts

Josh Oryhon


Conor Twomey

Ass't Head of Girls Camp

Tarryn Larson Rozen

Operations Adviser

Jill Meitzler


Randy Meitzler

Waterfront Director

Audrey Shaw

TrueSport Advisor/Instructor

Audrey Twomey

Ass't Head of Girls Camp

Michael Whalen

Boys Camp Senior Staff

Medical Staff               Nutrition + Culinary Arts               Year-Round Staff