06 Feb 10 Benefits for Girls from Sports and an Active Lifestyle

10 Benefits for Girls from Sports and an Active Lifestyle

This week I want to focus on the girls. Sorry to the parents of boys, but this topic is important and some of the benefits also translate very well to your boys.

I was recently researching information and studies provided by the Positive Coaching Alliance. What caught my attention is the fact that the benefits I am going to share with you are created at Susquehannock each summer. The beauty of this is your daughter does not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy these benefits. Simply participating in sports for fun will create the same benefit.

What the research shows is there is a direct correlation between girls who participate in sports and “stronger educational attainment, positive health outcomes and improved adult employment results.”

Sports at school, intramural, club, other recreational programs, or a summer at Susquehannock is critical for girls to succeed. Take a look at the following facts provided by PCA and their research – they are profound!

Wide-Ranging Life-Long Health Benefits
1. Girls and women who are most physically active in adolescence and young adulthood are 20% less likely to get breast cancer later in life.

2. Girls who participate in regular exercise experience lower rates of depression.

3. Girls who participate in sports demonstrate higher self-esteem.

Myriad Educational Benefits
4. Overall, girls who play sports have higher grades and score higher on standardized tests than non-athletes.

5. Girls who participate in sports are significantly more likely to graduate compared to non-athletes. The correlation is particularly strong for Black and Latinx girls.

6. At the collegiate level, young women who receive sports scholarships graduate at higher rates than young women students generally.

Employment and Workforce Dividends
7. Executive businesswomen report engagement with sports contributed to their success by providing leadership skills, discipline, and teamwork abilities.

8. A study of 821 senior managers and executives found that 94% of women executives reportedly played organized sports after primary school.

9. Girls who played high school sports show higher levels of adult labor force participation and are correlated with earning 7% higher wages than non-athlete peers.

10. As a result of Title IX (the Federal Civil Rights law requiring gender equity), more girls playing sports and more women are entering male-dominated professions at higher rates.

As you can see, sports and an active lifestyle are so important for young girls and we foster this lifestyle at Susquehannock. Girls have the opportunity to play 10 different team sports, as well as two individual sports (Tennis and Swimming). They will also be involved in other activities including overnight camping, ziplining. climbing tower, lake activities, arts ‘n’ crafts, cabin skit nights, singing, cheering and other fun events.

The best part is: your daughter does not have to be a super athlete to benefit from a summer at Susquehannock. Girls of all athletic abilities can attend and enjoy sports.

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