24 Oct The 5 Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports

The 5 Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports

The benefits of multi-sport diversification for young athletes are something we cannot overlook. Every day at Susquehannock, campers participate in a variety of sports and activities. With each day you can see their confidence, independence and positive mental attitude grow.

And while sports specialization has its benefits, we still need to make sure children are given the opportunity to experience the fun and joy of sports.

USA Baseball – in coordination with the Positive Coaching Alliance – released this list of benefits children receive by participating in multiple sports. Enjoy!

Not every athlete has been blessed with great talent, but every player – regardless of ability – can be a great teammate. Here are 12 qualities of a great teammate. Do these qualities describe you or your young player?

1. Avoiding Burnouts
It is important to remember that kids play sports because they are able to have fun with their friends, they enjoy playing and they like to compete.

2. Reducing the Risk of Overuse-Related Injuries
By playing a variety of sports – especially during the critical development years – athletes are better able to develop all of their muscle groups instead of specific muscles for one sport. This lessens the risk of overuse-related injuries because athletes have the chance to let some muscle groups relax and do different movements.

3. Developing Better Skills as an All-Around Athlete
The more sports and activities that kids are involved in early on in their lives, the more opportunity they have to develop themselves as an athlete, not just as a Baseball, Soccer, Basketball or Football player. Many skills and techniques transfer from one sport to another.

4. Developing More Mental and Life Skills
Playing multiple sports can help kids build important life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication and responsibility. While playing one sport also teaches valuable life lessons, playing a variety of sports allows for lessons to be taught and learned in different environments.

5. Building Confidence
Sports are a great vehicle for building self-confidence in youth. With each different sport, there are different levels of success that athletes can achieve, both big and small. As athletes succeed in sports, their self- confidence increases because they start to understand they can overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way, both in sports and in life.

At Susquehannock we use sports as a platform to develop athletic, confident, high character, independent, resilient, fun-loving happy boys and girls. The campers play 10 different team sports, as well as two individual sports (Tennis and Swimming). They also are involved in other activities including overnight camping, Climbing Tower/zip-line, outdoor pursuits, lake activities, Arts & Crafts, cabin skit nights and other fun events.

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