16 Feb Pro Beach Volleyball Player on Kids Playing Multiple Sports

Pro Beach Volleyball Player on Kids Playing Multiple Sports

Here is a short video featuring Kerri Walsh Jennings, professional Beach Volleyball player. It was shared by the Positive Coaching Alliance. I hope you enjoy it!

Kerri Walsh Jennings (@KerriLeeWalsh) is a professional Beach Volleyball player on Team USA. Walsh Jennings attended Stanford University on a scholarship before playing professionally, and is now a five-time Olympian, entering her first Games on the USA indoor Volleyball team, and a four-time Olympic champion. She is the most decorated Beach Volleyball Olympian of all-time, having won three gold and one bronze medal in Beach Volleyball. She has also had major success in the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships and World Tour, with 24 FIVB awards and honors under her belt since 2002.Walsh Jennings speaks to her belief that young athletes should play multiple sports while growing up. She says that the value of playing multiple sports is “physical, mental, and spiritual,” as it pushes athletes to grow and develop across different platforms. She states three main reasons why sports diversity is key:

Single-sport athletes:
+ have a higher chance of burning out
+ have a higher chance of developing over-use injuries
+ will never learn the full potential of their body

Kerri speaks to her experience playing multiple sports growing up until high school where she only played Volleyball and Basketball – the latter because she knew the cross training would make her better mentally and physically.

Walsh Jennings recommends that parents encourage their athletes to try multiple sports while growing up, so as to allow them to have a wide range of experiences and to more fully develop their skills.

I hope you found this video informative. Young athletes, and all children, need variety in their lives. They need sports to be fun and they need to develop their minds and bodies. Camp Susquehannock helps develop not only solid multi-sport athletes but young, confident, diverse, gritty young girls and boys.

If you have any questions about Camp Susquehannock please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at jbell@susquehannock.com or you can call me at (570) 967-2323.

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