11 Jul On the Serengeti Plains

On Wednesday, July 9th both Camps gathered for the special cooperative game Serengeti Plains. Teams called Herds – named after various species indigenous to Africa – complete different stations around the campus. Herds are awarded “tails” for successfully completing each challenge. The herds may complete a station two times, but not consecutively and with a modification to make the second attempt more difficult.

Members of the herd are responsible for protecting their tail that is tucked into the back of their shorts. While traveling from station to station, Predators roam the plain and will try to snatch tails as the herds travel from station to station. Team members can still participate in the events after losing their tail, but the herd becomes extinct if they run out of tails.

Herds can win back tails by locating the Sage and correctly solving riddles. Teams may also win back tails by catching a Poacher who is also roaming the Plains.

The Events

Tripoli Mile Island
As a team of experts in the field of radioactive wastes, you have been called upon to save the city of Tripoli from a dangerous leak in the walls of their storage tank. With each member of the group holding on to the end of each of the ropes attached to the bucket, you must find a way to transport the bucket of radioactive waste to the newly built storage tank. At no time may anyone get closer to the waste than the length of a rope. If the water spills, you must start over.

Crossing the Sahar-aaaahhhh
A river of quicksand extends for miles in each direction and is blocking your path to an oasis, the only water source you have seen in days. Only ten spots within the river of quicksand will supply safe footing, and only one person can be on each spot. When a person uses a spot they may not leave the spot or it will be lost (becomes quicksand). You may only be occupying one spot at a time. Spots are not renewable. If any one member falls, the whole team must begin again.

Shock-a Zulu
While touring Johannesburg an earthquake strikes, partially collapsing your hotel. A tangle of active electrical wires is blocking your way to the exits. Your team must pass through the wire without touching it. If a person touches a wire they must be placed back on the ground before they make another attempt. Once a person has passed through an opening in the wire no one else can go through that opening.

Waka Waka This Way
The team members’ ankles are tied together using their tails. They must then walk through the course as a group. Their feet must be in on the shape but if the foot hangs over the edge of the shape it is okay. If anyone falls off the path the whole group must return to the start.

Wavin’ Flag
The players stand on a tarp (roughly 5×8). All campers must remain on the tarp at all times. To start, they must start with the X on top and then, without touching a body part to the floor, they must turn the tarp over and end up with the top side down.

Break the Safe-fari
The objective is to move through the grid, one team member at a time, using the proper combination. The official has the combination of numbers/letters written down to represent the sequence the team members must discover to pass through the grid. Team members must step, one person at a time, on the numbers/ letters in the proper sequence to get across. If a person steps on the wrong square, the team must start over. All team members must move across using the same combination. There may be more than one team member on the grid at one time but not on the same number/letter. Once they break the combination the team must determine the combination pattern.

Eggs Togo
Your team of world-renowned biologists has just identified as a Dodo bird egg. The egg must be carried using only sterilized tubes and must be quickly placed in the Incubator so that it may hatch. The team must move the marble from one side of the field to the other using the sections of PVC pipe. The marble must be placed carefully in a cup to complete the task. If the marble is dropped, the team must return to the start. Team members must stay in the same order of rotation (note: if the marble is dropped, the order can be changed for the next attempt).

Kenya Change a Flat
Your team of scientists has received a shipment of four different chemicals that must be organized in a specific manner. Chemicals with a higher atomic mass cannot be positioned above chemicals with a lower atomic mass, or there will be an explosion in your laboratory. Numbered tires must be moved from the Cone A to Cone C without higher numbered tires being placed on top of lower numbered tires at any point (ex: Tire #3 cannot be on top of Tire #1). Two team members will make one move with one tire per turn. The following two team members cannot go into the space until the prior team members have cleared the area. All other team members must be behind the line until their turn.

De-Nile a Crocodile
Your safari boat crashed in a crocodile-infested river! Your team was able to safely evacuate to one side of the river, but you must pass to the other side so you can find help to repair the boat. All team members must pass from one side of the river to the other using the buckets and boards provided. If a team member touches the river, that team member must return to start. If the board touches the river, the board and the team member who dropped it must return to start.

Congo Power Line
Your team’s safari vehicle has run out of gas, and you are stuck on the wrong side of the enclosure! Your team must safely navigate the electric fence before the lions come looking for dinner. The entire team must pass between the two wires of the electric fence without touching either. If a team member touches one of the wires, the entire team must start over.

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