17 Jun Work Week Wrap – Day 4

Another awesome day in the books! Our work force has increased by the addition of several Grizzled Veterans who arrived today, but unfortunately we lose Chris Wierzbowski and Kendyl Paolini on Tuesday. No job was too big or too small for these two as they generously took time off from the outside world to come home and volunteer.
Time was spent working on the Garden and various flower beds around campus, the hay is off ALL of the courts, debris piles were raked and cleared away, mowing and weed-eating has begun in earnest (and will continue for awhile!). With the arrival of Eric Rozen we will begin to putting in the turnboards and finishing up at the Waterfront. And, other than a brief bout of Susquehannock Dew after dinner, the weather appears to be cooperating…
This group of volunteers and staff members has been amazing and has exceeded expectations at every turn. We took a break from the To Do List to enjoy the American victory over Ghana in the World Cup after dinner.
But until then: let the work continue!
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