15 Jun Work Week – Day 2 Recap

Work Week 02As a public service, Tony “The Man With No Eyes” Meyers is providing a daily recap of the on-going preparation of the Camp facilities during Work Week. 

Interestingly enough, even with the heavy amount of Susquehannock Dew, King’s Court and Court 4 have now been cleared of hay by the rock stars of Work Week. The Riding Stables were weed-eated, multiple piles of debris were cleared and many other miscellaneous projects completed.

Work Week 02b

We should be having better weather through Tuesday so many more outdoor jobs will get done: mowing, more mowing and even more mowing. The Waterfront will start to take shape this afternoon in preparation of the arrival of Grizzled Veteran Eric Rozen to assemble the turnboards …it might even be a Soap Day!

This group of S4G, S4B staff and alumni have been awesome so far taking the most tedious or difficult jobs and making them go smoothly like ice cream on a Sunday afternoon!

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