14 Jun Work Week – Day 1 Recap

Next Stop: "King's Court"

Next Stop: “King’s Court”

As a public service, Tony “The Man With No Eyes” Meyers is providing a daily recap of the on-going preparation of the Camp facilities during Work Week. 

Friday was the first day of Work Week and we were greeted with a heavy dose of Susquehannock Dew. It is great to see all the alumni volunteers (Chris Wierzbowski, Allie Handman, Kendyl Paolini Mark Moeller, Patrick Valentine and more arriving) take time off from their jobs in order to help out at Camp. Work Week is a great chance for the intermingling of new staff members with the Loyal Guard as the team for the summer forms.

While dodging the drops, the Dining Hall and several staff cottages were cleaned from top to bottom. On the agenda for today: we will begin removing hay from the clay Tennis courts, raking leaves, putting brush into piles, weed-eating and so much more.

I think I hear First Bell for breakfast – until tomorrow!

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