01 Aug Serengeti Plains

As the soothing sounds of Toto’s “Africa” emanated, campers from S4B and S4G gathered for a special activity called Serengeti Plains on Wednesday, July 31st.

Teams called herds named after various species indigenous to Africa complete various Challenge Course-style stations around the entire campus. Herds get points for successfully completing each activity. The herds may complete a station two times, but not consecutively and with a modification to make the second attempt more difficult.

Every member of each herd is responsible for guarding a “tail” that is tucked into the back of their shorts. Predators roam the plain and will engage herds as they travel from station to station. Team members can still participate in the events after losing their tail, but if the entire herd loses all the tails it becomes extinct.

To combat this, herds can win tails back by locating the Wise Sage and correctly answering Camp trivia questions. Teams may also win back tails by catching the Poacher who is also roaming the Plains.

The Stations:
Es-Cape of Good Rope
Tripoli Mile Island
Crossing the Sahara-aaaaaaaaaaah
Molten Snows of Kilimanjaro
Ghana Score a Sene-g(o)al
Wavin’ Flag
Break the Safe-ari
Eggs Togo
De-Nile a Crocodile
Congo Power Line

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