19 Jul The Opening of Second Session

After a memorable First Session and brief yet fun Midseason (photos forthcoming), the staff prepared for a large batch of new arrivals on July 18th.

The late morning and afternoon was spent checking in with the Main Office and Infirmary and moving into cabins. Many people shared the observation that they never had seen so many cars at once on the hilltop!

Co-Site Directors Win and Cannie Shafer officially kicked off Second Session during an evening meeting in the Main Lodge at the Boys Camp. The S4B and S4G staff members introduced themselves and helped go over important details about Camp life. The respective Camps then separated for their own opening day festivities and the fun started!

On Monday evening, the girls of Susquehannock took part in Cabin Skits which is always a memorable ice breaker activity at the beginning of the session!

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