17 Jul S4Serengeti Plains

As mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, both Camps gathered for a special Saturday activity called Serengeti Plains.  Boys Camp counselor Seth Brownold was introduced to this game and brought it to Susquehannock for its inaugural playing this summer.

Co-ed teams called herds travel to various stations spread throughout the Boys camp, participating in these Challenge Course-style events.  Herds get points for successfully completing each activity.  Teams may complete a station two times, but not consecutively

Each member of the herd has a “tail” ticked into the back of their shorts that count for one point.  Three points are awarded for a completed station, five points for completing said station a second time.

There are also three predators roaming the plain.  Each predator has a territory that they will stay in.  If a team crosses into that territory on their way to an event, the predator will call a Predator Attack and will try to take the herd’s tails.  Team members can still participate if they have lost their tail, but if every member of the team loses their tail the herd becomes extinct.

Herds can also win tails back by visiting with the Sage once who will ask Camp trivia questions.  Teams may also win back tails by catching the Poacher who will also be roaming the plain.

The Stations:
-The Es-Cape of Good Rope
-Tripoli Mile Island
-Caterpillar Crawl
-Crossing the Sahar-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
-Molten Snows of Kilimanjaro
-Ghana Scores a Sene-goal

Get all that?

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