11 Jul Meet the Staff: Justine Shank

We’re starting another new feature this summer entitled “Meet the Staff.” Campers were selected to interview new Counselors or Junior Counselors, asking them a number of questions so you, faithful reader, are more familiar with the newest members of the incredible staff at Susquehannock.

Justine Shank, interviewed by Lanelle Quzack, Jessica Strome and Charlotte Leggett

Q:  Where are you from; what college/high school do you attend/where do you work?
A:  Berwyn, PA and I attend Conestoga High School.

Q:  How did you find out about Camp?
A:  My parents are friends with Tim Kent who recommended Susquehannock to me.

Q:  What is your favorite sport to play or coach? Why?
A:  Squash.  You can play it no matter what the weather.  I like to coach soccer here at Camp.

Q:  Describe a role model in your life that inspired you to work with children.
A:   My dad always coached sport teams and I thought it was cool that he helped their team win.  He definitely inspired me.

Q:  What’s your favorite meal in the Dining Hall?
A:   Pizza or Strawberry Shortcake.  The cook-outs are fun, too!

Q:  What’s your favorite part of Camp so far?
A:  The Fourth of July and World Games.  So, all the group activities.

Q:  Who is Hugo?
A:   Goes to the boy’s camp …yep.  Why am I being asked that?! (Incorrect! -Ed.)


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