10 Jul Second Week S4G Reflections

Head of Girls Camp Trish Pearson offers up perspective after memorable and historic week at S4G:

Camp is in full swing! Our second week opened with our traditional Fourth of July activities. The girls were divided into Red, White and Blue Teams for the morning and they did cheers, ran the “Yankee Doodle Dandy” fun run and made a human flag. In the afternoon, both S4B and S4G met for a Fourth of July address and the Pledge of Allegiance and then were divided into co-ed teams for the Field Day. The teams held a spirited competition with culminating in the Tug-O-War competition. After all that work on the fields under the sun, campers enjoyed a swim in the lake and cookouts.

This week the campers also went on their overnights this week. These camp-outs provide the girls with a fantastic opportunity to experience the outdoors in a special way. Cooking out, singing songs, telling stories and sleeping under the stars are the basic ingredients, but each camper returns to camp the next morning with their own story about the camp-out.

The biggest highlight of the week was 1986 Day. We chose this day to commemorate and celebrate the 25th year of S4G. Dede and George Shafer, Mary and Jim Powell and Cannie Shafer all shared some old S4G traditions and we all learned so much about how the girls camp was founded from the people who were there. Mary and Jim Powell led us in some classic S4G camp songs and we enjoyed a historical skit about the Pioneer Counseling Staff. Tarryn Rozen, a former S4G Head of Camp led us on a “Bear Hunt” to round out our 1986 Day morning meeting.

Another special guest, Shelly Flint, gave watercoloring clinics and the campers and counselors also created new posters for the S4G dining hall to commemorate 25 years of S4G. After lunch, the campers were divided into teams who then competed to create a raft from natural objects and four feet of twine The raft had to support one camper and bonus points were added for aesthetic qualities included in the construction of the rafts. The winner of the competition was the “Natural Beauty” team, narrowly edging out the “S.S. Marina.”

We invite all of the illustrious alumnae of S4G to send us your memories of camp so that we can share them in our celebration of 25 years of S4G during the second session of camp.

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