10 Jul Second Week S4B Reflections

Head of Boys Camp Andrew Hano offers up perspective after another amazing week on the Hill:

One of the most lasting experiences a camper will have is the friendships he will make at Susquehannock. Let’s face it, the camp community is an ideal environment for developing close and long-lasting friendships. After spending several weeks sharing a living space, eating and playing together, campers will form strong bonds. These friendships are unique because they transcend all boundaries; race, religion, home, language and even age.

I have few friends that are closer to me than my camp friends. Some were my cabin counselors. Some are the guys I worked along side of as a cabin staff member. Some were my campers at one time. Others are the guys I met upon returning to camp full time three years ago. They represent a diverse group; however, we have one thing in common, Camp Susquehannock.

In the grand scheme of things, spending three, four, even seven weeks out of a year with someone seems insignificant. There are ten months between the closing day in August and opening day the following June; more than enough time for a friendship to fade. Yet, camp friendships endure because the quality of the time spent together at camp builds relationships that are deep and meaningful. At Susquehannock we rejoice together in the highs, cry together in the lows, and share a passion for camp.

There is no magic elixir made from the clean, clear waters of Tripp Lake that we secretly add to the ice cream. The recipe is much less complicated. Simply add a bunch of boys together on a beautiful Pennsylvania mountaintop and allow them to mix for three to seven weeks. Afterwards, enjoy the friendships for the rest of your life.

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